Aug 6, 2016

Scam Alert!!: Participant Beware of this fake/Scam MMM Page/web link

Its not news anymore that MMM is the world's largest donation exchange with over 200 million participants and in over 118 countries worldwide. Recently, MMM came to Nieria and since then it has change millions of lives making them financially free.  Incase you dont know what MMM is and you aint part of the program, you can check my recent post on how to be financially free with MMM

News getting to us now is that a new site has emerged with similar link and design as the official MMM login page. The site which is known to be the fake/scam or rather phishing page was design to trick members of MMM to clik and inpute their login details which when they click on the login button, it will be submitted and sent into the email of the attacker who created this page. From there, the attacker now has the participant's email address and can then login to the participant's account without his or her consent to withdraw their money.

So below is screenshot of the fake and real MMM page and how to distinguish between both of them.

Below are the original link of the MMM,

the phishing.fake or scam page is

So please always check the link at your browser adress bar to be sure you are visiting the right link before logging in your details. and if you find the page suspicious, you can always drop your comment here or call +2348164530405 to help you check and confirm if the link/page you are on is the right page.

HOW To Protect Your MMM Account from Hackers

To protect your Account from hackers from logging in even if they have acess to your login details, just login to your account then in the top left of your MMM dashboard, click on My page followed by other at the down right hand of the "My page" settings page.
Then click on other and a page with the Google Aunthetication key settings will appear.
Click on "Generate Key(GA) and a prompt with a GA key in this form "B53DZAIGGFGBV" will appear. Just copy and save the key somewhere or right it down on a piece of paper. then click ok to exit the prompt. then logout of your mmm and try logging in back. you should see a page like the above screen shot.

that's the power of the authentication settings we enabled. jsut tick/choose the "SMS codes table" Then click next and another page like this will apear.
once this page appears, an sms will be sent to the number attached to your MMM account. Then just input the code sent to you via sms into the box and click login. then you will be taken to your MMM account. Thats all. with that, you dont have to worry about attacker logging in to your account. please like and share with your friends. MMM!!!.... Together we change the World!

If you register from the above link, you register under my team. Which qualifies you to get my 60% instead of 30% MMM trick. Kindly drop the first five letters of your email address (not full email pls). I will check from my list. If it matches, you get the trick!

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