Aug 3, 2016

Root Your Stubborn Phone With Kingroot V9.5

No matter how stubborn your smartphone may be, you can make use of kingroot v9.5 which is the easiest and fastest way of rooting a smartphone. Kingroot v9.5 can be used to root different kind of phone even if the phone is the latest model in town, kingroot is still capable of rooting the phone.

I know some people will have try kingroot and say it does no root their phone but now kingroot has been upgraded to the latest version which is Version9.5 and it is compatible to root any kind of phone.

So now, let’s go straight to the point, I will show you how you can use kingroot v9.5 to root you Android phone without stress 

First of all, download the Kingroot v9.5 on your smartphone, it is also applicable for PC

Download Kingroot v9.5 on your smartphone here
Download Kingroot v9.5 on your PC here

>>Run and install the downloaded KingRoot v4.9.5 on your device

>>Start the application and wait for Kingroot to analyze your device, after a few seconds you will see the main window

>>Click the Big Blue Circle on your device that says “Root” and wait for a few minutes (make sure you have a good internet connection).

>>Wait for the rooting to complete 100% after which King User app will be installed on your device.

That’s all, you can now use it to root your device and if you have any problem in doing that, Don’t hesitate to let us know by dropping your COMMENT.  

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