Aug 3, 2016

Very Soon, Instagram Will Allow All Users To Moderate & Block Comments On Post

WOW, instagram will now allow users to moderate moderate comments on their various post before publishing.  Am really happy for instagram users because they have been complaining that is their not a way to moderate and block comment, and now it’s here so am really happy for them LOL, I also have to include my self because am also an instagram user even I also complain that why can’t block comment on post while on instagram and now they are working towards it which will be announced very soon.

I will have to tell you that this feature will only be available for high profile accounts like celebrities and the rest, it will be up and running in the next few weeks and as time passes it will be available to all users.

On this features ,like I said, you will be able to moderate comment and also turn off comment completely on a certain post.

So guys, wait for instagram, I will update you when due.

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