Sep 15, 2016

Airtel Trybe Tariff Plan Call Rates, Sub Code + All You Need To Know

There are different benefits in Airtel tariff plan which is will show you today, on this Airtel trybe plan. The benefits that come with this tariff plan is unleashed after making your first 2 minutes call for the day at the rate of 40k/secs.

I know that most people will love this plan because am sure that no body will be happy paying high call rate so for Airtel users, this is the best plan for you which allows you to enjoy low call rate and different benefits which I will be showing you now ..

Benefits Of Airtel Trybe Tariff Plan

This plan goes like this…After making the first 2 minutes call at the rate of 40k/secs, you automatically unlock the following freebies for that day which are as follows

>>11k/ secs for Trybe to Trybe calls i.e you get to call your friends on the same TRYBE tariff plan for just 11k/secs.
>>Get FREE access to WTFB ( Whatsapp | Twitter | Facebook | BBM)
>>Get 5 sms at the cost of 2 sms
>>Get 15MB every week upon recharging 200 Naira. You can only get 15MB for one week so don't bother loading more 200 Naira to get more free MB within a week.
>>You even get to call all networks in Nigeria for 11k/secs if you opt-in to to the Campus tariff

NOTE:  Calls on the Airtel TRYBE tariff plan costs 20k/secs to non-TRYBE Airtel lines and 30k/secs to other networks
Now, how can you subscribe to Airtel trybe tariff plan

How To Subscribe To Airtel Trybe Tariff Plan

>>Simply dial *312# or text YES to 312.

>>To Migrate to the CAMPUS option, just text CAMPUS to 312 or dial *312*1# 

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