Oct 9, 2016

2017 Updated Glo Data Bundles and Subscription Codes

This post was last updated April 1st 2017. In it, you will find a list of all Glo data bundle plans, their prices as well as their corresponding subscription codes. Feel free to go through them all to find that which suits your data demand and pocket. The post is updated on a regular base to include changes in the data plans prices and cap. So feel free to check back later for the latest.

Glo have once again demonstrated to Nigerians that they are indeed an indigenous and grass root telecommunication company. If Glo network is very strong in your area, you’d better pay attention to an avalanche of plans Glo has to offer. They have recently updated their data plans and have incorporated unbelievably cheap bundles.
glo data bundle plans
Their latest data plans are so juicy that you might initially find it difficult to make a selection. Check this out: Would you believe it if you were told that 10GB of Glo Internet data is up for just ₦2,500? Did I hear you muttered, “It’s a lie”? Believe this, it’s real. But they have more unbelievable packages for their valued subscribers.

Some would say ‘How I wish they have the smaller package that is as friendly as this’? Yes, they do! If you have ₦500 only, you could buy 3GB of data. By the time you tried this and found it real on your device, you would appreciate why many people would stake anything in order to prove the point that Glo data plans are the cheapest in Nigeria.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise; are they not the indigenous company? That it is why I can emphatically say that no other service provider can beat them to it, for now.

Data allocation has been shored up in recent times, resulting in mobile network providers, like Etisalat, Airtel, and MTN adjusting their data bundles to make them more attractive. Even at that, Glo data bundles are the most competitive across-the-board in Nigeria.

For instance, which network can give you up to 6GB of data for just ₦2,000? Counting on this largess, you could do ‘simple arithmetic’ and conclude that Glo will give you double that data for double that price. How wrong you are! If you double your recharge (making it ₦4,000) and dial the correct code, Glo will give you, not 12GB but a triple 18GB. Imagine that!

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Interestingly, this offer is not selective of devices. Your phones (Ipads, iPhones, androids, Nokia, windows phone etc), computer/Laptop/PC and any other internet-accessing devices will be able to use the data these bundles provide. There are no hidden charges. Consumption rates are normal and download speed is superb, depending on the strength of the signals where you live.

At this juncture, let’s categorize these data plans into different subheadings. I will endeavor to also include the codes for acquiring them. In categories, Glo has Daily Internet Bundles, Weekly Internet Bundles, Monthly Internet Bundles, and Night and Weekend Plans

Glo Daily Internet Bundles
If you have an emergency need for data for just a little activity and your pockets are lean, you can go for 30MB for just ₦50 and validity is for 24 hours. Even the ‘telecommunication giant’ MTN that appeared to increase data allocation for ₦100 daily plans deserve no thanks for that in view of this that plan Glo just introduced. To subscribe for this, dial *127*14# or text 14 to 127.

These people have a way of tantalizing you. Once you get 30MB of ₦50, you normally would expect ₦100 to fetch you 60MB. However, it does work better than that in Glo. Just dial *127*51# or text 51 to 127, it’s 100MB for ₦100 straight, valid for the whole of the day.

It appears to be, ‘data for sale, ₦1/MB’ Funny? But it seems so. Because doubling the previous plan, you get 200MB for ₦200 by dialing *127*56# or text 56 to 127. What is more, this is valid, not for 24 hours but for 120 hours, yes 5 days

Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Vol
SMS to 127
1 Day Pack 
1 day (24 hrs) 
Instant surf 
 1 day (24 hrs)
 5 days

Glo Weekly Internet Bundle
Of course, Glo announced two of weekly bundles. But I will talk about the juicier one. That is a whole of 1GB for just ₦500. Though it’s categorized as a weekly plan, it’s actually valid for 10 days. Comparatively, it’s huge because for this same amount MTN and Airtel offer just 750MB. To subscribe to this weekly plan from Glo, dial *127*57# or text 57 to 127.
Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Vol
SMS to 127
 Big Week
 7  days

Glo Monthly Internet Bundles
Glo comes out massively with this one. With these bundles, data retail shops should be burning their candles, making research on how to remain in business or diversify.
Let’s start with this: Could you believe, with just ₦1,000 you get the whole 2GB of data? People are currently enjoying it, for your information, after they dialed *127*53# or after texting 53 to 127. I think 2GB should be sufficient for most average users since it’s valid for 30days. I recommend this bundle. 

As you are now aware, Glo will not just double a very good data plan. According to their tradition, you will be allocated a mammoth 6GB of data for just ₦2,000, valid for the entire 30 days! Just dial *127*55# or text 55 to 127 to subscribe. I wonder what Glo intend to do to their Blackberry plan because this latest bundle will phase it out in no time. 

What about 10GB for ₦2,500? This Glo can confuse their subscribers with so many good things they are throwing at their subscribers. With just extra, ₦500 added to the cost of the previous bundle you get extra 4GB. To subscribe? Simply dial *127*58# or text 58 to 127, enjoy your browsing.

The next one will leave your mouth wide opened. Recharge just ₦3,000 and dial *127*54# or text 54 to 127, how much data do you get. A whopping 12GB of data. 

Adding just ₦1000 to the previous data, you get an addition of 6GB.  What am I saying? I mean Glo offer 18GB for ₦4,000. Bloggers, cybercaf├ęs and small businesses would quickly jump at this at a snap. Just dial *127*59# or text 59 to 127, you get a surprising 18GB to enjoy the wonderful cyber world for 30 days with just ₦4,000 naira. 

If you are an Oliver Twist, you will quest for more. Then you have more monthly plans, I mean that are valid for 30 days. Check them out as listed bellows:

  • 24GB for ₦5,000, dial *127*2#
  • 48GB for ₦8,000, dial, *127*1#
  • 60GB for ₦15,000, dial *127*12#
  • 90GB for ₦18,000, dial *127*13#
Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Vol
SMS to 127
 Always Micro
 30 days
 My Phone
30 days 
So Special 
30 days 
Always Macro 
30 days 
N4000 Data Plan 
30 days 
Always Mini 
30 days 
Always Max 
30 days 
30 days 
30 days 

Glo Night and Weekend Plans
Glo offers two plans for this. First, take a look at this crazy one, 1GB for ₦200. It’s is also called “One-night stand.” If you want to subscribe for this, dial *127*60# or text 60 to 127. No contesting, this plan is much cheaper than many of the night plans. In fact, it is one of the cheapest. Just that it works only at night, that is from 12 midnight to 5 am. and it’s valid for just one night. That’s why it’s called “one-night stand.”

The thrill of the second plan is indescribable. It costs just ₦500 to get a whole of 3GB. Any rival among the ₦500 subscription plans? None! But it’s for weekend and night only. This is it 3GB for ₦500 valid for (7 nights and one entire weekend).

You know what this means? You can use your 3GB you ‘bought’ for ₦500 for one whole week. Only that on weekdays (Monday to Friday), it works at night between the hours of 12 to 5 am. But on weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, it works 24 hours, no restriction. It’s valid for 7 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *127*61# or text 61 to 127.

See: Check Out The List of Available Night Plan Data Bundle in Nigeria (MTN, Glo, Airtel & Etisalat)

Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Vol
SMS to 127
12am to 5am 
N500 Weekend Data 
 weekends & nights see more info above

glo internet data plans

Other Glo Data Bundle Plans
Glo, as we all know, are the data lords. They still have install, lots of other data bundle plans you can opt for in other to meet your data demands. These data plans include The Glo campus data booster with lots of interesting data plans that offers times 10 the value of your data subscription for students or those in campus, Glo Flexi data plans that offer hourly data plans. This post is already long enough. So to avoid confusion amongst this plans, more on that will be included in a new post. Once that is published, a link will be made available here. 

How To Check Your Data Balance After Subscription
Generally, to check data balance on Glo, the simple step is to dial *127*0# or text INFO to 127.


==>1. Most of this plans are eligible for both Glo Data gifting and data sharing. In fact, if you are not financially buoyant enough, you can gather money with friends and buy (3 friends + u= 4 people)

The next question is whether or not these Glo data plans work on BB10 devices. Yes, they do, seamlessly. Only that if you want to enjoy benefits of these plans and your APN (Access Point Name) is “blackberry.net” or something else, you must change it to “gosecure.”

That's all for now. If you have any question regarding any of this plans or inquiries about other plans not included here, feel free to table it down using the comment box so we deal with it asap! One Luv!

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