Oct 9, 2016

How To Make Legit Money Online in Nigeria As A Freelancer

The rate at which universities churn out graduates into the already saturated job market is a cause for concern. No one is making job provisions for teeming population of the employable youths and laid-offs.  Different statistics from different sources hint of disheartening a fact: Unemployment rate is getting higher by the year and is unabated. The frustrated masses have been indoctrinated and have erroneously come to the conclusion that you have to be dubious or steal to make money.

Hold it right there! Did you know that many insightful youths have found other ways to make cool money legitimately? While so many people waste their time and data online chatting and watching videos, some discreet youths have given thought to the negative trend of employment and discovered ways to make legit money online. That source of cool money is freelancing. Yes, they are freelancing. And you too can do so.
freelance writer at work

What is freelancing?
Simply put, freelancing is the job a freelance does. And who is a freelancer? According to Encarta dictionary, a freelancer is “a self-employed person working, or available to work, for a number of employers, and usually hired for a limited period.” That’s the logic. You're an employee to different employers; meaning that different employers pay you. So money rains on you from different sources. The processes of applying for jobs, hiring freelancers and payment are done entirely online.

Where to work?
A freelancer works from his home or anywhere that is comfortable for him. One of the easiest businesses to set up is freelancing. If you have a very good internet service and marketable skills, you will find prospective clients who will contact you through reputable internet sites, requiring your service. Any of those sites you partner effectively plays brokers between you and your clients.

Available jobs
There is an abundance of freelance jobs for virtually all freelancers. Add the word “freelance” to any job you can do online and start it up, you are already freelancing. From Web design to freelance writing; from online marketing to freelance reporter; from freelance photographer to freelance graphic artists, the list of job is endless. Even, I dare say, there are freelance journalists, and freelance stock brokers. 

You can ply almost any trade online as a freelancer. The number and of jobs you will find online will depend on your skill. You must have a skill to market. And the flow of your income will be determined by how vast you are in online freelance markets. That is why you must first identify the sites that are offering freelance services.

Company/Website offering freelance services
Signing up to freelance sites is as simple as ABC, simpler than paper registration with offline companies. One of such sites is Elance which is now known as Upwork.com. There people with different skills interface with those who desire to hire them or buy their products. 

We also have HubPages.com, Freelancers.com rendering various services in the world of freelancing. Of course, you must be sure you have something to offer. That is the biggest challenge because many people will find their skills unsuitable to be marketed freelancing. Yet, browsing such sites can be rewarding. It at least opens the eyes of potential freelancers to marketable skills that are in them.

For instance, thanks to websites like AliBaba and DHGate that offer wholesale market, many freelancers are able to connect buyers from the West to the Middle and Far Eastern factories. Your major task as freelance online marketer is to locate markets that are still relatively open. 

There, you can put for sale your tangible products or offer up your connective skills. If one is not unduly simplistic, uncountable are the platforms out there through which you can market your skill and sell your items. We shouldn’t forget Amazon and eBay, they have proven that anyone can sell anything at online store make your money perhaps from Clickbank, Adsense and others.

Freelancer.com, for example, lists the following categories of job, Website, IT and Software:
==>1. Writing and content
==>2. Data entry and admin
==>3. Design, media and architecture
==>4. Sales and marketing
==>5. Mobile phones and computing
==>6. Engineering and science
==>7. Product sourcing and manufacturing
==>8. Business accounting
==>9. Human resources
==>10. Legal; and so on.
Nigerian freelancer

How to Secure jobs
If you get your acts right, freelancing jobs will be flowing into your e-mail box and you will be receiving credit alerts regularly. In order not be na├»ve, some sites are out there to help you determine if you are not going to be scammed or be involved in a scam. Sites like, scamadviser.com/check-website and domaintyper.com/PageRankCheck, can help you check the risk ratings of the company you are dealing with and give you a measure of guarantee assessment. 

As I said earlier, once you have signed up to the sites that offer freelance service, you will be required to supply functional email service. You will be receiving list of jobs posted and the offer for those jobs via your email box. Once you determine the one that worth your time in terms of offer for the job and the clients determine you are qualify for it, you in for the job.

In a nutshell, if want to be paid for your services, collect together the samples of your previous jobs and your recommendations. These tell your prospective employers something to consider and determine your credibility for that job. If you are a writer, that provides an opportunity for your clientele to ascertain your writing style and structure and your personality.  Your ratings in that regard increase or decrease your worth as a freelance. As you gain more experience, you are improving your bargaining power.

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How To Get Paid in Nigeria
To make big legit money online, you must be able to connect with foreign clients. If you follow the process above, with time clients from US, Canada and from around the globe will certainly hook up with you. A great hurdle for most greenhorn freelancers is that of getting paid by foreign clients. This is being crossed by successful freelancers by having the right account. Most clients will pay their foreign clients through sites like Payoneer.com, or PayPal. This is more especially so when you work for Upwork, Feverr and the like. All you need to do is to connect your clients with the appropriate payment broker.

Let’s use Payoneer for example. To get paid through Payoneer, follow these basic steps:
==>1. Create a Payoneer account, following the right process; sign up
==>2. Confirm it has been approved with your user name and password
==>3. Visit the site of your clients
==>4. Select Payoneer as your payment option
==>5. Start the process of registration the way you would register for a bank card or an online bank transfer
==>6. At the home page of the Payoneer sign up application, click Already have a Payoneer account? since you have created one
==>7. Enter your Payoneer username and password and follow the prompts. But as a Nigerian, you are severely restricted. Because of scam, many of those payment sites do not partner (or easily do so) with Nigerians freelancers and clients. But don’t worry, you would find those who are able. 

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I learnt of freelancers who are now getting paid through Payoneer. There are processes through which you can order for a freelancer MasterCard issued by payoneer.com. Once one of the courier services delivers your card to you, you are as good as received your payment via ATM machines that support the use of mastercards or sell off your payoneer dollars online at a far better rates.

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