Oct 7, 2016

3 Best Android Apps for WiFi Hacking (No Root)

Hello Blog readers, After Lots of Requests, today  I'm gonna give you guys the  list of best android app for Hacking WiFi which are officially Available on Google Play Store. In other to  use these apps, You don’t need any Root Access on your Device but if you do then that is a +1. You can download these apps from below, and Use on your device right now in other to hack WiFi Password of Friends, Neighborhoods WiFi easily. There are Thousands of WiFi Hacking apps available on Google Play Store, But Most of this app meant for playing pranks on friends and families...... But After lots of Research, I have found some best WiFi Hacking apps Which you can use on your  Android Device for Hacking of WiFi Password.

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Remember that You can not hack any Kind of WiFi With the help of these apps. These apps can only be used to hack Some specific WiFi which have WPS Protocol already enabled. So Keep in mind, that This Guide may not work with All WiFi. If the Router is WPS Enabled and Vulnerable only then  will these apps chow you the Password of the WiFi which you intend connecting to.... 

Quick Look at The Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

  1. AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect )
  3. WPS Connect

#1 AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect )

AndroDumpper is the perfect app for hacking WiFi password with android devices. You can use this app on your device even if it’s not rooted. In other to use this app on Marshmallow Devices, Make Sure you have enable Location turned on, on your device. This app uses  some algorithms to connect to WPS Enabled WiFi. Let me tell you, If a WiFi has WPS Enabled, then If we have the 8 Digit PIN Which is  written  at the side of router, we can connect our device to it and also get WiFi password. So This app generates PIN of router via MAC address of the router, and can work in many Routers Perfectly. But Remember that this app doesn’t work with all Routers because some Routers have Mac Filter Enabled, Which doesn’t allow this app to connect / hack WiFi on Android. Download this app now from below link and enjoy.....


This is the one of the best App for hacking Wifi Passwords in Android. This app can work in both rooted & non rooted android devices, but if your device is rooted then chances of Hacking WiFi password is bit high. If Wireless Router is highly secured, then this app will not work. you have to keep trying this app on different Wifi Routers and try your luck if this app hack WiFi near your home :p . This app use algorithm of Zhao, vodafone arcadyan, Dlink, TrendNet and also they have added default Router pins for made this app work properly. So Simply Download this app now from the below link, and install on your Android Phone right now to enjoy it.

#3 WPS Connect

Last but not the least, WPS Connect is on Number 3 for hacking WiFi Password with Android. in other to Use this app, your Android Device Must be rooted, Without Root This app won't work on Android Devices. This app can be used in many android devices which have root permissions, can connect to WPS Enabled WiFi if it’s vulnerable. Download and Install This simple app on your android device now from the below link, to Hack WiFi Password on your android device right now.

===>>Click here to Download app

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  1. nice article but these app cannot connect to a public wifi.