Nov 27, 2016

Payoneer The Easiest Way To Earn Dollars As A Nigerian

The wise men said, when there is a problem, instead of complaining, checkout those who are not affected by the existing problem and do what they do to stay afloat.

We are in the era where those who earn in foreign currencies (dollars, pounds, euro etc) are the big boys and girls of the community due to the fall of naira against the dollar.

Bloggers no doubt are the top earners and big spenders this days. Imagine someone earning $300 a month on google AdSense who usually exchange at the rate of 197/$ now exchanging at 470 per dollar. Let's do some maths;
earn Payoneer dollars
At 197, he earns $300 x 197 = N59,100. But now at 470, he smiles to the bank with $300 x 470 = N141,000 which is almost times 3 of what he used to get.  See the difference?

With that said, the purpose of this post is to show you the easy ways to earn dollars, pounds through the easiest possible way which is through Payoneer so you too will enjoy from the dollar awoof!

How To Easily Earn Dollars Using Payoneer?

Blogging simply means owning and maintaining a blog. That is writing, sharing information on a blog as well as promoting it just as we are doing here on NaijaTechLovers.

Blogging this days is not for fun... Cos it offers various avenues of making money and some include through Payoneer. Amongst this avenues include;

Google AdSense - UK & US version gives you the opportunity to receive your dollars, pounds through Payoneer. However as a Nigerian, getting a US or UK AdSense is only adviceable if you are unable to get a Nigerian AdSense account or find it difficult in opening a domiciliary account.

Others include but not limited to Revenue hits,,...

Amazon kindle;
This is one sure way to rake in thousands of dollars into your Payoneer account and exchange at a very good rate and make wealth in Nigeria. It involve writing & selling books on the amazon kindle platform.

The avenue is fully available to Nigerians but not easy as the chances of failure (not making sales) is high. You can check out more on amazon kindle here!

Have you heard about Fiverr gigs? If you've not, now you do.

Fiverr is a platform that makes it easy for employers to meet employees/freelancers for a job to be done. We have a detailed post on the different ways to make money with Fiverr here. Go check it out.

This is similar to Fiverr and offers writers, freelancers the opportunity to easily get hired for their services and smile to the bank at the end.

Upwork has different methods with which you can withdraw your earnings and Payoneer happens to be one of them.

For more, check out this post on different ways to make money into your Payoneer account.

With that said, you may want to ask; after having the dollars, pounds credit into my payoneer account, how do i sell/exchange it to naira?

No need to worry! There are lots of exchangers out there that buy payoneer dollars and pay you naira. We too buy Payoneer dollars at a very good rate. So that's not a problem.

Did you like this post? Kindly share so other will benefit from the information too. If you have other methods, pls share with us.If you have any question, kindle use the comment box.

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