Nov 27, 2016

TrumpCoin- The Cryptocurrency to rebuild America;

Just like regular fiat money, following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, Trumpcoin is spendable and has the ability to be used to purchase goods and services. This coin was created in a bid/mission to rebuild America.

Like an investment vehicle just like Gold, commodities like Gold gain or lose value while safely locked in your strongbox. A cryptocurrency, like TrumpCoin, – which has already gained 300% in value – has the same abilities, only that 'gold' is 100% digital.

Just like stocks & bonds tradable, TrumpCoin is on many exchanges (where buyers and sellers meet) and is tradable in the same way major stocks and foreign currencies are traded. You don’t need a broker or need to pay any fees to get started "playing the markets".

TrumpCoin utilizes an energy efficient 'proof of stake' technology to keep transaction fees close to negligible.This means transaction fees are incredibly low - One can send money anywhere in the world for pennies. 


One can start by 

  • Buying TrumpCoin:

Buying TrumpCoins (TRUMP) is straight forward. Here are the steps to start.

1. Buy bitcoins with cash or credit card at several online locations such as Coinbase, Localbitcoin or Circle.

2. Once you've purchased Bitcoins you can then trade them for Trumpcoins (TRUMP)s at various cryptocurrency Exchanges.  The current exchanges supporting Trumpcoins are C-Cex,YoBitCryptopiaNova Exchange.
3. Keep your TrumpCoins on the Exchange or store them in a wallet on your local computer or smartphone. We have a Windows wallet, a MAC wallet and coming soon an Android wallet.
4. If you want to use a local wallet on your PC make sure it is completely installed and fully synchronized with the Trumpcoin blockchain before moving to step 2 to transfer Trumpcoins to it.

  • Save Your Coins In A Wallet:

Now that you own an amount of TrumpCoin you may want to move them to a secure wallet on your local computer.

1. In your TrumpCoin wallet, click the "Receive coins" tab. Right-click on your address and select "Copy Address".

2. Depending on the Exchange you're copying from goto your TRUMP folder and select the option to transfer to an address.

3. Paste in the address from option 1 here to withdraw the coins to your wallet.

4. The Exchange may require you to verify the withdrawal via an email or online prompt.

5. Once approved you should see the Trumpcoins in you local computer wallet.
6. Make sure you regularly backup your wallet to a secure location.

Quit being abused by the selfish elite...Buy TrumpCoin and invest in the future by Making Crypto Great Again!......... 

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