Dec 28, 2016

5 Effective Ways To Minimize Data Usage On Your Smartphone

We have to always find ways to reduce our data consumption. Android requires a lot of mobile data for daily operation and if you’re the type that surfs the web, spends time on social media and watch a lot of YouTube videos, I’ll recommend you read this post twice.

Let me go straight to point without wasting much of our time…

How To Reduce Data Consumption.

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>> Close Unused Apps

Unused apps in the background should be closed. Some of these apps are silent battery eaters. Just close them.

>> Stay on E (Edge)

Unlike 3G or 4G, Edge consumes less data. Therefore, unless you have a huge file to download it is recommended to stay on Egde. You might be doing your battery a big favour also.

>> Turn Whatsapp Image Autodownload Off

If you’re a big Whatsapp fan and fond of Whatsapp groups, I’ll recommend this tip to turn Whatsapp image auto-download off. That way, you will only have to download images you wish to download.

>> Study Your Data Usage

Simply go to Settings > Data Usage. Here, you will get to see data statistics. You will see the main culprits responsible for your data consumption and you can either restrict their data consumption or remove the apps.

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>> Set Data Limits

On Android settings you can easily set monthly data limits. You will be notified when you are about to exceed these limits. This will keep your data consumption in check..

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