Dec 27, 2016

Did MMM Break Your Heart? Get Help Worldwide Still Pays

I pity those whose Christmas hope was shattered by the decision of MMM to freeze the mavros of Nigerian participants. If you were one of the mavrodians who was hoping to get help during this yuletide season to celebrate with your friends and family, accept my sincere sympathy. 

I won’t stop at that. I will implore you to consider a rival scheme that has largely been ignored but still pays, Get Help Worldwide or GHW. I personally call it the best alternative to MMM Nigeria or any other ponzi scheme due to the strong mechanism put in place to prevent crash.

How Get Help Worldwide Works.

Get Help Worldwide is one of the latest worldwide money-making schemes, donation exchange, financial social network that has been operating in America, Asia, Europe and now in Africa and of course, in Nigeria.

Get Help Worldwide shares certain similarities with MMM. It can be described as MMM rebranded. GHW has fixed the loopholes threatening the continuous existence MMM.

Registration Bonus

Registration for GHW is essentially the same as that of MMM. To register, login to the homepage of the GHW and at the bottom of the page, you will see “create an account” button. You are expected to carefully fill in the correct details into the self-explanatory form and verify your details before you click “submit” button. To complete your registration process, you will receive a notification sms and notification email from GHW asking you to verify your email address, being the principal mode of communication between you and the GHW community.

Upon registering successfully, you will receive $20 to $100 registration bonus as a One Time Registration Bonus in Bitcoin, depending on several factors.

GHW also thrives on the principle of giving and receiving of help and when you give help. You are promised between 30-50% of the help you provided. And this bonus is given once and for all, not every time. It should be noted that your pledge to Provide Help must fall within the bonus range before you can get the above-stated bonus. Otherwise, Get Help Worldwide system will be pulled apart from bonuses.
GHW also encourage you to introduce new participants because they give 10% referral bonus on the deposit of all participants you directly invited. It is expressly stated that you are not bound to bring in new participants. The bonus is just an incentive for you to target the growing of the community.

It pays to deal with GHW in Bitcoin because the bonus remains a bit more constant as we have the breakdown of various registration bonuses below:
  • If you make contribution of anything from $50 to $499, you will receive $20 Registration Bonus 
  • If you make contribution of anything from $500 to $2,999, you will receive $50 Registration Bonus 
  • If you make contribution of anything from $3,000 and above, you will receive $100 Registration Bonus
  • Why GHW Is Better Than MMM

    1.      One of the loopholes of MMM that GHW has plugged is that it is strongly against multiple accounts. It has a very severe penalty for that and other sharp practices as outlined below:
    • ·         If you are paired with a member you are to give help to and you request one extra day extension for you to make the payment, you will forfeit 25% of your Credibility Score once the receiver approves it.
    • ·         If you pledge to provide help but before you are paired with someone to pay, you cancel the offer, you will forfeit 5% score point of your Credibility Score Card.
    • ·         If you use fake profile picture or supply false personal information and it is discovered, you will forfeit 50% of your Credibility Score Card.
    • ·         If you are paired with a member you are expected to provide help for and you did not provide the help until the time you are given elapsed, your Credibility Score will be reduced to Zero (0). Zero Credibility Score means automatic profile suspension. You will have to go through a stringent resolution process to have this reverse, if at all possible.
    • ·        Once your profile is suspended, that means your account is inoperative anymore and you will not be able to give or receive help on GHW.

    2.      There are no such things as guider’s bonuses and sponsors on GHW. MMM guiders feed fat on the system and put so much pressure on it. The community can hardly survive with 10% referral bonuses of hundreds of their descendants. What they scoop out of the system is too much more than what they give in form of help. It’s was just a matter of time for what happened just before the Christmas happen—having all mavros frozen, though for 3 weeks they say. Time will tell if MMM will be able to weather the storm and bounce back. GHW only have representatives who receive extra 5%-10% of their Provide Help Offer apart from their 30%-50% of the actual help provided in 30days, depending on how hardworking they are.
    3.      Another advantage of GHW over MMM is that GHW is designed to always exist, whether or not new members join, unlike MMM that will collapse once news ones are not introduced to the system. MMM juicy bonuses invariably come from the contributions of the new members. But GHW encourages active giving and receiving of help, adopting the following measures:

    ·         GHW’s participants must pledge to provide help as soon as they receive help. They have a maximum of 3days to do this. If you don’t pledge within 3 days of your receiving help, the system will start to debit your Credibility Score. This definitely prevents having more requests for help than provisions of it and vice versa. In MMM you can receive help today and wait for months before you give.
    ·         Also, GHW participants are not allowed to lower their help. To illustrate, if you give $100 help this time, your next Pledge to Provide help cannot go below that amount, it has to be greater than or equal to $100 unlike MMM that allows you to give help of, say, $1,500 after receiving a help of, say, $4,000 which portends a setback for the system.
    4.      GHW allows participants to register just one bank account and the process of changing your bank account with GHW is thorough. You will have to go through a validation process, which involves a phone call confirmation. This shuts hackers out of the system. MMM accounts can easily be hacked since there is that option in the profile account whereby you are allowed to change your bank account at will without any verification. Once your MMM user account is hacked, a hacker can change your profile setting and divert the monetary help you hope to receive into another account and reverse the process of changing your account, without you knowing.
    5.      GHW has a Credibility Score which is a key input for the “automatic pairing and assigning control system” and it is used to determine how trustworthy or credible a participant is. This makes for fairness and equity in the community. Lack of such regulations in MMM is responsible for its crash in many countries.

    I think therefore you will see reasons to take comfort in the Get Help Worldwide that gives you some rest of mind in the community, though not fat bonuses of MMM. But it still pays in the long run if you join GHW because you are free from anxiety and risks of heartbreak associated with investing in MMM.

After, you can then start to pH and GH millions without fear. For questions, kindly leave them below and I will reply asap!

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  1. Please I'd like to invest in GHW how long does will it last what's the long term plans

    1. I certainly do not have answers to what you ask. But what I'd say to you is this.

      Invest an amount which you can afford to loose. And after investing watch with caution.

      No system lasts forever