Dec 16, 2016

How To Protect Your Eyes When Using A Computer

Most people spend more hours on computer these days, the reason is because we are now in computer world meaning most people are now computer users…. Now, Do you know that  If you spend long hours in front of your computer, it may affect your eyes at the long run. You may start experiencing blurred vision or eye strain due to this. As we are aware, the eyes is a sensitive part of the body. It should be protected by all means.  Now check out the tips on how o to protect your eye when using a computer


>> Blink The Eyes Consistently:  We all know that the  eyes blink naturally, you need to remind yourself to blink consistently. It has to be a deliberate action in order to re-moisturize the eyes. When you glare often at your computer, the eyes actually dry up which is not actually good for the eyes.

>>Do Be Too Close To The Computer:   You shouldn’t sit too close to your computer. It is not good for the eyes. Sit a respectable distance from your system and ensure that you Zoom-in so you do not strain your eyes to see the text on your screen.

>>Use Glasses: Like seriously,  this is one of the best way  to protect your eyes. You don’t need to worry about any brightness or sitting at a respectable distance, just use your sunscreen and you are good to go.

>>Adjust Screen Setting
Most computer users must be aware that the brightness of the screen is what affects the eyes. So, ensure that you balance the brightness of adjusting the screen setting according to your environment. You can also close curtains and switch off lights to prevents sun rays.

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