Mar 30, 2017

Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan: Best Call for International Calls

These Glo people are impossible! Can you imagine! To name a plan 11 kobo per second really shows that they mean the business. I don’t know how they come across this; making it possible to call ALL networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per seconds.

But that’s not really the news. Others have done it, you say.
Okay, how about making international calls for the same 11 kobo per second? I tell you this; you can call 30 different countries at the rate of 11 kobo per second on the prepaid plan that bears the name. Provided you are paying ₦5 daily access fee.
Those countries include:
1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. Brunei
4. Canada
5. China
6. Cyprus
7. Denmark
8. Finland
9. French Guiana
10. Guam
11. Japan
12. Hong Kong
13. India
14. Israel
15. Luxembourg
16. Malta
17. Mongolia
18. Mexico
19. Netherlands20. Norway
21. Puerto Rico
22. Reunion Island
23. Romania
24. Singapore

25. South Africa
26. South Korea
27. Spain
28. Sweden
29. UK
30. US.
According to the traditions of these guys, I won’t doubt it if you told me you knew of another country you can call on the same prepaid plan.

“Nothing goes for nothing,” they say here in Nigeria. If Glo gave you something as sweet as this, you must pay for it daily. It goes without say then, that whether or not you use your line daily, you will still be charged the daily access fee of N5. That is why you need to keep using it daily so that you will not be paying for what you are not using.

Are you now ready to migrate to Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan? Just dial *211# and keep making international calls daily.

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