Mar 30, 2017

Glo Infinito: Glo Tariff Plan for Family&Friends

This plan is actually the most popular of all Glo tariff plans. We hear some folks saying it’s the best. But I will say don’t conclude yet. It depends on your need and choice. But truth be told, Glo Infinito is just too sweet. If you are on this plan, you are not going to be charged for any hidden costs like a first minute call, rental fees or access charge. The rate is flat and unhidden.

Benefits of Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

 Calls on Glo Infinito are made at 20 kobo per second to any network in Nigeria. That is tantamount to ₦12 per minute. But there is more! Never mind the amount of minutes this allows your ₦100 recharge to last. Read more of its benefit here.

One attractive side to Glo Infinito plan is that, it enables you to call 10 numbers belonging to family and friends at a cheaper rate which is 11 kobo per second. To enjoy that, all you have to do is to register their numbers by dialing *101*1*Phone Number#.

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Code to Migrate to Glo Infinito

Do you remember MTN family and friends? You get the same from Glo Infinito. I can feel that you feel like migrating right away to Glo Infinito. If you want to migrate to Glo Infinito, dial *100*9*2#.

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