Mar 28, 2017

Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan: Two Days Excitement

Can you eat you cake and still have it? Did I hear you say "Never"? Come off that and don’t say it again! It’s not possible to eat you cake today and still have it tomorrow. That’s what Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan has brought to the table.

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Glo Tariff Plans: Plans to Beat in 2017
Glo Free Tomorrow plan is also exciting. With the plan, you kind of, use your recharge twice. You will get what you use today back all tomorrow. But not just what you use today, but double of it. Can you imagine? And it’s on a daily basis of course! This is just too special folks.

How It Works and Benefits

So if you used 200 today and you are informed that your call credit is exhausted, just try and make a call tomorrow, you will discover that you’ve got about ₦600 to call with.

With all my exposure and knowledge of communication market, I have not come across any other plan like this. I think it is the trailblazer. And to cap it all, there are no charges in form of daily access charge, rental or any other. It’s totally free.

Migration Code to Glo Free Tomorrow

Do you like this plan? Then dial *300# and begin from today onward to be spending your money twice.

I will catch you later with other data plans that will glue you to Glo Mobile. Watch out!

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