Mar 30, 2017

Glo Twin Bash: All You Need to Know+Benefits

Just as the name sounds, once you migrate to Glo Twin Bash, you are endowed with a set of twins of call and data on the same tariff plan. Isn’t that tantalizing? Yes, with a single recharge, you have bought airtime to call and data to browse the net. I dare say; this is the plan for those of us that eat and drink online. But there is more to that.

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Benefits of Glo Twin Bash

Glo Twin Bash allows you to eat your cake and still have it to eat one more time. It gives you the amount of data equivalent amount of airtime you purchase, as a bonus. Confused? Wait a minute! What it simply means is that, to illustrate, if you recharge with ₦200, you will be credited with ₦200 airtime to make calls. You will at the same time get 200MB of data to browse. The same goes with the recharge of ₦500, ₦1000 and up it goes like that.

You see the logic of Glo Twin Bash? If you calculated it well, it appears Glo is offering you six times the value of your recharge there. Alright, what is the real cost of 200 MB of data? Is it not ₦800? You got that and also 25 MB of data to gift out to friends. You still have an additional ₦200 airtime to call family and friends. I tell you, it’s worth exploring. Isn’t it?
This is not the case though with a recharge of ₦100. You get only 20 MB with ₦100 airtime in total.
You are free to use this airtime to call any network at the same rate.

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Migration Code to Glo Twin-Bash

To migrate to Glo Twin Bash, simply dial *233*PIN# and there you are.

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