Jan 4, 2018

How To Delete All Your Google Search On Mobile And Desktop

We all know that Google is a search engine.. though there are different search engine such as yahoo, wikipedia and so on but google top them even mostly all over the world, if you ask a particular person that which site can I enter to get  content for a particular topic, you will be directed to Google first. Google is primarily used by millions of users around the globe for search queries. We tap on the shoulders of the search giant for tiniest of our queries, let it be for searching a place, information, opening a website and all sort of things.

The funniest part is that as Google is well known as a searching place for information and all sort of things, some people go about searching for useless things which we may not want in suggestions next time we search for a similar term. For this, Google has given an easy way to clear all the searches ever made by you so today, I will be showing you how you can delete all your searches ever made on both smartphone(mobile) and desktop right from one single place

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First of all, you have to know the meaning of "My Activity", I know you may be wondering that what is your business with" My Activity" but the good part is that you have to know it..

My Activity by Google is a common tracker for all your searches across desktop and mobile, given that you are searching for those contents while logged in your Google account. It not only shows how many searches have you made using Chrome browser, but also gives you a detailed list of how many apps have you used and how many times on your Android smartphone. if searches are regularly made, it shows besides other options such as WhatsApp. It even shows your searches in bundles based on a website. It possible to also delete several things using My Activity service by Google.

Let me now show you some tips on how to delete your Google searches, by day, device, platform and even website. Here is it below...Let's start with Mobile before heading yo Desktop

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For Mobile
>>Search for the term 'My Activity' on Google or log on to myactivity.google.com.

>>Click on the three-line menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.

>>Click on 'Delete activity by'
>>Choose the day, which includes today, yesterday last 7 days, last 30 days, all time and custom.

>>Choose the 'Product'. Select 'Search' and 'Image Search' options.
>>Then click 'Delete'
That's all for Mobile

For Desktop
>>Login to myactivity.google.com.
>>Click on 'Delete activity by'
>>Choose the day, which includes today, yesterday last 7 days, last 30 days, all time and custom.

>>Choose the 'Product'. Select 'Search' and 'Image Search' options.
>>Click 'Delete'
That's all for desktop also

Do you know that with this trick, it can also prove to be of great help in tracking those who are snooping through your logged in device either mobile, tablet or laptop, searching for locations, address and more.

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