Apr 28, 2018

How To Upgrade or Replace Any Compnent On Your Computer

It's a normal thing for you upgrading or replacing your PC component, First of all.. What are the component on PC? You can find this as part of a computer such as RAM, Hard Drive, Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, Wireless Card e.t.c. though upgrading and replacing PC components can be a little tricky, but it’s something anyone can learn to do. We have to take a look at how to choose and install those upgrades.

I want to assure you that once you upgrade or replace any faulty or weak component in your computer, you will love it more than the previous look. Before i proceed, i will show you some necessary equipment you need to carry out this operation so you won't loose any step am about to show you.
This post is strictly for people that want to change/replace some components on the system/PC to improve more on it's work

Below are the equipments and it's function you have to consider before proceeding on replacing or upgrading your PC

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>>PHILLIPS-HEAD SCREWDRIVER: For loosing any modern desktop computer hardware

>>HEXDRIVERS AND SET OF SPUNDERS: This is mostly used on laptops for removing any components in it.

>>THUMBSCREWS AND PLASTIC TAB: For loosing just the modern desktop casing. Note that it's better for you to have different sizes of screwdrivers so upgrading or replacing any component on your PC can be made easier.
NOTE: if you want to start loosing any component in your PC, try as much as possible to look for a cool dry place and make sure you have a cup or bowl beside you to put your loosened screws to avoid your screws rolled around and still straight. If you are opening your CPU, try as much as possible to have a brush or what you can use to blow air inside of it to clear the dust inside after opening it, sometimes you can make use of dry cloth to clean it because it's very sure that it will be dusty. By so doing, it will make your work look neat and professional though if this is your first time of doing this, no one can know once you consider these things. And also, always make sure your phone is with you once you are performing this operation so you can make use of your camera to snap any component you loose or any cable you unplug for easy access to tighten back the screws and also plug the cables back once you are done.

Now, let's go straight to the point by talking first on how to upgrade or replace your PC RAM

Upgrading Or Replacing Your PC RAM

Replacing of RAM is quiet easy and the most essential thing to do on PC but need some logic to use if you want your PC to run smoothly after replacing or upgrading it, you have to know the quantity of memory that will fit in with the RAM you want to replace because once you don't consider that, your PC might start  bringing up an annoying issues like hanging, booting slowly and so on but once you calculate the memory that will fit in with the RAM you want to replace it with, am very sure you won't have any issue. Just start flexing with your PC. To replace your PC RAM >>Loose your PC casings >>Locate the RAM area and then replace it to whatever quantity of RAM space you want. Just make sure you consider the memory that can fit in with it for future purpose.

Upgrading and Replacing a New Graphics Card

Well, mostly people that love replacing their graphics card are the game lover so it can give them a sound and effective graphics once they are playing any game, Replacing of the graphics card is very simple but the though thing here is to get the right one based on it's cost, capability and also size... If you are able to get the right one having those three features, you can't have any problem with graphics while playing any game on your PC. To replace your Graphics Card >> You have to choose the right graphics card >>then insert it where you remove the previous card and then secure it, that's all

Upgrading Or Replacing Your PC’s Wireless Card

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USB adapter is quiet necessary here because once your Wi-Fi is misbehaving, you have to change the PC Wireless card and because you will need your Wi-Fi to be capable all the time, that is why the need of USB Adapter is essential. You can also make use of this two thing... A bigger Antennae that can be moved anywhere or Expansion Card, This one is mostly good on desktop but if it's Laptop, it uses a semi-standardized wireless cards but I will advise you to make use of USB adapter also. To Replace your Wireless Card >>Firstly, make use of the USB adapter >> then plug it in and that's all... Pretty simple

Upgrading and Installing a More Spaced Hard Drive or SSD in Your PC

You must be watchful once you are managing Hard Drive or a Solid State Drive(SSD). On the off chance that you are to redesign your hard drive or move to a greater one, this will make your PC all the more speedier and have enough memory. Your PC will begin speedier, stack applications and expansive records quicker, and diminish stack times in many recreations. It's extremely a standout amongst other updates you can make. To Replace your Hard Drive >> most importantly unmount the old hard drive >>Then supplant it with the better one with you. It's not so hard like that but rather may look hard if this is your first time of attempting it.

Upgrading and Installing a Higher Power Supply Unit.

It's great on the off chance that you can redesign your energy supply, you should need to update it in light of the fact that your energy supply has fizzled or you simply require more power. Observe that your energy supply is associated with all part in your PC. The motivation behind why a great many people update their energy supply is a direct result of their graphics card, on the off chance that you are utilizing a graphics card that is all the more capable then you will be required to get an all the more intense unit of energy supply.
On an ordinary level, you may need to remove different parts before you can get the massive power supply out of the case. Your PC's energy supply is specifically associated with the motherboard, the CPU, graphics card, and the cooling fans. To replace your power supply >>Before you can supplant your power supply, you need to unplug the power links to all segments.

 Upgrading and Replacing  A New PC Case

It's good to change your PC case to a new one so you can give your PC a new look but before you can do that, you have to disassemble your PC and then rebuilding it in its new home.
Everything you are to do here is just based on hardware unless you’re also replacing other components at the same time, that's when you can go into software. To replace your PC case >> it's not that hard if you want to replace your PC case though you will have to disassemble all the component first, it can only look hard somehow if it your first time

Upgrading and Installing a New Motherboard or CPU

To upgrade a CPU or motherboard is a very though thing to handle because you will have to unplug almost all the component in your PC but if you have the knowledge before, it will look easier for you. Upgrading to a faster CPU  often has to do with swapping out the motherboard, in some cases, the RAM might be included... It depend on how you want your upgrade to be.
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