May 4, 2018

List Of Best Keyboards That Makes Your Typing Easy

Mere looking at this mechanical keyboard, it has great advantage that some normal keyboard doesn't have like a long, satisfying key travel, thanks to individually-manufactured switch mechanisms for this great pick. You might want to change your previous keyboard to a better one so you can have easy typing but you don't know how to go about it. That is why today, i will be showing you some fantastic keyboard that makes your work look professional.

If you are a serious typist, gamer or you make use of your Computer often, I will recommend this mechanical keyboard for you because it's enjoyable and comfortable. Even if you handle this mechanical keyboard and compare it with the normal keyboard you usually use and mostly common, you will notice certain changes that you didn't expect and that will make you fall in love more with it. For those that really love something customised, this mechanical keyboard is meant for you and you can get it at an affordable price. We have picked out the best for you which are.,the best compact travel board, the best wireless and cheap options, and the best for customisation lovers, you can get a customised keys and switches

Below are the list of the best mechanical keyboard that you are waiting for, beneath every keyboard list you can find where to order yours and get it at your doorstep in few hours You can check out the keyboard below that suit you and your budget then read more on them to get full knowledge on how they operate.


>>Cooler Master MasterKeys

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This keyboard is the best all-round board and you can get it as low as $119, some of us are familiar with Cooler Master which is best known for PC cases, fans, CPU and coolers, but now...they have make an advancement on making some fantastic general mechanical keyboards

The Coooler Master named their own mechanical keyboard as "MasterKeys" which has different features, you can make use of this anywhere in your environment. Unlike some alternatives, like I said earlier that masterkey has different features such as Cherry MX switches, this Cherry MX switches indicate different sign functions in different field, like the red which is for the for gamers, the brown for typists while blue for loud typists.

The masterkey has different sizes and different models to suit your budget in which you can choose your own choice but we will be taking a look at one of it which is probably the best model.

The TOP-OF-LINE $150 MK750 model: This features an aluminum case and a Type-C USB connection, If you take your time to look into this keyboard, you will notice that there is no much different between this and Masterkey S, the masterkey S is also programmable with macros and custom functions like the $150 MK750 model with the help of the desktop software. The Masterkeys line don't really give stress like adding useless addtons unlike the other mechanical keyboard that dominate other major retail brands. On a normal ground, this Masterkey line does a great job because no matter which model you use , it gives a solid typing and awesome gaming.

Since when there is a complain about the printed key legends that says it can move always easily with intense use, each of the keys in this section now uses a standardize layout. The meaning of those positions of the switches and the corresponding keycaps is that you can replace them for a custom set if they are looking old or faded. This might not be a though concern because the switches in mechanical keyboard are given kudos to so there is a great chance that the keyboard keycaps might outline itself. Click here to order your own Cooler Master MasterKeys

>>Vortex Pok3r

This keyboard is the best compact board and you can get this keyboard as low as $130. This keyboard as genuine key function, it display an awesome design, its function row, number pad and it arrow keys also look gorgeous. if you make a thorough research, you will find out that the Vortex Poker series is one of the most common 50% - 70% models because for a keyboard to range this percentage, it must have a unique features and compared to others in different ways.

Because the programming option of this keyboard is genuine likewise its layout and switches, people who travel a lot and want their keyboard with them make use of this often, though if you take a look at some keyboards, you will find some related to it but you can not easily find a keyboard exactly like it because it genuine and also easier to use. You can shift/adjust the dip switches below the aluminum case easily. for instance, switching to a DVORAK layout or setting function key with Caps lock.

Concerning its colour, it has a black and a white which matches your setup. It has the RED, GREEN and BLUE (RGB) lights, if you know you are not satisfied with the colour, You can as well customize your own colour on this keyboard with the help of WASD keyboard. On a normal ground, some really go for the cheaper ABS plastic keycaps instead of the thicker PBT. We all saying the Pok3r is nice and good but do you know that the form factor can be activated yourself? Yes it can because it uses function modifiers for so many keys, including the arrows. In conclusion to this part, if you take a look at the other model of this keyboard which us Vortex Race 3 model, you will also see that it include the arrow keys and function keys but the only ish here is that its slightly bigger. Click here to order your own Vortex Pok3r

>> Corsair K63 Wireless

This keyboard is the best wireless mechanical board and you can get this as low as $100, to be frank, out of 100% typist and keyboard users, 95% love wireless mechanical keyboard, if you come asking me for the best wireless keyboard to use, I will redirect you to Corsair K63 because it's the best and its model is from a popular and reliable brand.

The keyboard has a 3 strong features which are....

1. Bluetooth 4.2 connection for the mobile typists.

2. Speedy 2.4GHz wireless dongle: if you don't want anything lie pairing, this is for you.

3. Strong backup USB connection: this helps when the battery is low.

Mere looking at these 3 strong features, you will see that is really good for gamers, for gamers, If you want to play a game and pair with other , the Corsair sells a special “lap desk” accessory for pairing and you only make use of your mouse but the switch choice is only Cherry MX Red. If you only base on typing, as long as you don't demand a clicky touch to your keys, it will really work well for you and it can be seen on the two switches which are blue and brown. Assuming the beneath row was a standard one, it will be so easy and nice to customize your keycaps. The option of the this keyboard (Corsair K63) only comes with a blue lighting but as some backlighting that uses standard switches and no full-sized version. This keyboard is rechargeable since it wireless and it take up to a week before you recharge

This Coarsair K63 might be somehow confusing when trying to purchase it because it has a wired and wireless model, so if you want to purchased it, look through it well and go for the wireless so you can enjoy the features above. Click here to order for you own wireless Corsair K63

>>Qisan Magicforce

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This keyboard the best budget mechanical board that suit people that can't afford the other ones and you can get this as low as $40. This Qisan Magicforce is better for beginners who just want to start using mechanical keyboard because it does not consume much money. Unlike the Pok3r which is $130, this magicforce is very low as $40 and has a compatible layout which as arrow keys.

It's board doesn't come with any lighting and programming but come with switches known as the Cherry clones, it offers a blue and brown varieties and it case uses aluminum plate. It has USB cable which is detachable with a compatible and standard keycaps, all these makes the design look more attractive. Click here to order for your own Qisan Magicforce.

>>Glorious GMMK

This Glorious GMMK keyboard is the best Enthusiast Starter mechanical board and you can get this as low as $125. You won't believe what this keyboard can offer, it comes with a cherry-style switches which can also be replaced due to it design and it also make your keyboard get customized. This glorious keyboard of a thing goes viral. Due to my observation, their is a glorious modular that support this Glorious GMMK itself so everything done on it can be perfect. This comes with a WASD keys, There are some cases whereby you might want to mix and match the switches along with the board, you can do that normally but your WASD keys and Cap Lock get rigid, by so doing, the corresponding switches can be swap/replaced easily. The shocking part about this keyboard is that if you swap out anything there, it doesn't really matter for you soldering that particular place unlike some keyboards. For gamers, the glorious PC has its own official website where buyer can choose different Gateron and Kailh switch types, full size or compact keyless layout, and pre-assembled boards with lower amount.

The bet option for this keyboard to be more enjoyable is to get a switches that is compatible with SMD LEDs because its board is not really powerful The SMD LEDS is just tiny lights pre-installed on the circuit board. It board comes with a RED, GREEN and BLUE (RGB) lighting. Set of people who will enjoy this keyboard the most are people who check out the wide variety of typing experiences offered in the mechanical niche, they will enjoy this kind of mechanical keyboard to the fullest. Click here to order for your own Glorious GMMK

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