Jun 23, 2018

Few Reasons Why Android Is Still Better Than iPhone

Don't misquote me with the topic above, i didn't say Android is better than iPhone, am only trying to show you some features that still make Android better than iPhone, we know that their are also some features that make iPhone better than Android like Camera, browsing, fancy and more like that but what we are driving at today are some features that still make Android better than iPhone.

Both phone has their own standout features, if we get to look at now a days youths, we will see that they prefer buying iPhone than Android so that they can feel belong among their colleagues as a big boy and girl. Today i will just show you six features that makes Android better than iPhone.

Here are the few features that makes Android better than iPhone.

1. Meaningful Home Screen Customization:

The is really one of the greatest feature on Android, though on iPhone, you can move and group you folder and that is one of the major thing it does their but on Android, you can group you folder  into one icon, you can customise/redesign the home screen and as well set any information you want it to display each time
Even if you go through the play store, you will see some features that is entirely for home screen, you can change the icon, change the grid size and do lot more, if we are talking about the home screen of a thing on Android, we will really go far on it. Once you go on Play Store, you will see different feature and you won't even know the one to download but all are great features for Android

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2. Direct USB Access and a Real File System:

Talking about transferring of files between phone and computer, for instance, If you plug an Android to a computer with a cable, it will definitely pop up they way other drive pop up when you connect them to computer which means you can transfer any files among the computer and the Android device be it Music, Video, picture, Document etc but if you plug iPhone to a computer, you will only be allowed to transfer pictures.
Still on iPhone, if you need to transfer anything on it or to it, each content will require it's own app to get the transfer successful but on Android, every it's made easy.

3. Default App Choices:
As for Android, omce you download any app on it, you can set it as default and as well remove it has default if you like, you can set messaging app, homescreen, phone app, keyboard app and many more, for broswer, you can set any of yo browser as default for opening link and also change it to another browser aa default if you need to. For iOS, it's not easy to set those things as default,browser, keyboard app, messaging app can't be set as default unlike Android, only what you can do I just that if there are lot of the app, you can make a primary choice

4. Multi-Window Support for True Multitasking:

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The Multi-Window of thing might sound uselss for some people because you will be thinking that why should i have to open two tabs on my tiny phone screen when it's not computer, for some people, they will understand whar am saying , there are at times you will be doing something calculative on the internet and you need calculator along-side with it without quitting or minimizing your phone, you can as well put the browser and calculator side-by-side your phone screen, that will make your work faster and easier, you can get this feature on Android Nougat (7.x). Even it's very suitable and interesting on tablet but For iOS, this feature is also there but not all, it's only on iPad an people who uses Plus model

5. Multiple Users and Guest Access:
On Amdroid, you can easy give out your phone to someone to login any of is account without tampering with the owners account and the person will do whatever he/she wants to do with causing any commotion on the owners account.  If you just want to let someone check out your phone without worrying about all your personal info showing up front and center, you can also use Guest Mode. This basically fires up a stock instance of Android without needing to log in, allowing someone to use your phone for simple tasks while keeping your stuff separate.
But when we are taking of iPhone, the owner might not want to leave it because of is files, even some might say it only for a single user. As for iPhone user, if the need to share the iPhone with someone is essential, they have to download some multiple account app so it won't affect their own document once the other person log in.

6. Always-on Display for At-A-Glance Info:

This is a new feature on Android in which you will be able to glance through you notifications, time, date and some others without even touching your phone. This feature is really OK because on some phone like Samsung Galaxy S9, yo can get a quick glance info, you can turn the feature off if you don't need it an as well customise it to your taste like automatically disable once is late at night and many more customise but for iOS, you have to pick the phone up and glancing down at your phone, that what you can get on iOS.

Now you can compare the features among each other and choose your choice. If you want to know more on this, make a request or complain on the features, Kiinldy make use of the COMMENT BOX.

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