Oct 24, 2015

User Review On Konga CT All In One 96,000mAh Laptop Power Bank

Bought this CT All In One Laptop Power Bank sold by Ceeprotech Merchant at Konga website last 3 months, and now felt like giving a detailed review on its performance as a user to help those of you that maybe in search of a laptop power bank to buy and support your laptop battery with it. Since the power, is one sector Nigeria has failed woefully in for the past years?

CT All In One 96,000mAh Powerbank Charging Laptop

Kindly note that although I work for Konga as an affiliate, am not writing this in favor of anybody. So this is nothing but a honest review from me as a user of the product. Whatever praise or critics used here are simply from my personal experience as a user of the product. Your own unit, if you intend buying it after the post, may vary. But not with much difference from what is written here.

Why I Bought The Power Bank

Few months ago, before I eventually bought my new HP pavilion, I could barely get an hour battery usage from my old Acer laptop. And since I wasn’t ready to get another laptop at the time, and work mostly at night, I knew I had to work on something. Since generator sound, certainly isn’t the best sounds at that time of the day especially in a school environment, I had no other option but to go for this product. Your reasons maybe different. But based on the instructions given on the user manual, it is not advisable for you to use this as an alternative to your laptop battery. Instead, use it to recharge your laptop battery when down and there isn’t power supply.

What’s In The Pack?

The CT All In One Laptop Power Bank is no king when it comes to design and body texture. It’s just like a box loaded with weight and size of about 2 box packets of sugar arranged side by side to each other. Meaning, just like any other Laptop power bank you can think of, the power bank is not portable. It comes neatly packaged in a small carton sealed by Ct Mobile Power. And as stated on the sales page, below is what you get:
CT All In One Laptop Power Bank Pack
CT All In One Laptop Power Bank complete Pack
1 CT All In One Power Bank
1 USB Charger (Rating, 5V, 2.1Ah)
1 USB Multiple Charger Cable
1 Power Bank Charger
1 User guide
1 Laptop connecting cable (You are to specify your laptop name and model so they will send you the specific cord)

Technical Specification

Battery Capacity: 96Ah (96,000mAh)
Input: DC 16V
Output: DC 17V-20Vauto@ 3.5A, for Laptops and Car Cigarette Chargers, Huawei Modems
*30 V @0.5AH for Printers
Weight (KG): 2.3kg 

Less I forget in this review, the 96,000mAh power bank is not a solar power bank. So you can only recharge using AC current from National power or with big generators as specified in the user guide (that’s because the small I pass my neighbor generator is known to give nothing but fake charge since most of this generators current are never stable).
It comes with 3 output LED indicator (bars) showing the available charge level. Where 3 LED means the battery level is between 51% and 100%. 2 LED lights means the battery is between 11% and 50% and finally 1 LED lights indicates the battery is 10% or below. At this point while still in use, it will shut down on its own to avoid getting drained completely. And Although, the power bank doesn’t have an indicator to show when its fully charged the seller personally recommended an 8 hour charge will do for 100% full charge

Personal Experience
My experience with it was awesome. Though there where some flaws, the overall experience was great. With the power bank fully charged, I was able to power my old Acer laptop for 8 hours. Low you think? Here is the reason. The acer laptop am referring to here, is an old model laptop and consumes too much power compared to other newer laptop models. For example, when fully charged, same power bank can charge my HP pavilion for 18-20 hours. That’s about 6-7 times from 10% to 100% before running down.
Apart from charging of laptops, you can also charge mobile phones, tablets, with this CT all in one laptop power bank. But charging my Android phone on it seemed endless. Since it can charge the phones 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery to full capacity over 30 times. Sorry if that seem exaggerated! The phone seems too light on it that I have charged it 5 times at a stretch without the power bank charge level indicator led lights dropping a single bar.  So with that, for the past 3 months I bought it, I haven’t been patient enough to know the exact amount of time it can charge the device to full capacity-forgive me here.

CT Power Bank Flaws

==>1. No indicator to show when power bank is fully charged. You just charge for 8 hours without knowing if it actually gets fully charged.
==>2. Phone charger: The power bank came with an original white car charger for charging cell phones (Android, iPhone, Nokia etc), tablets as well as other gadgets on it. What the car charger does is serve as an adapter that converts the currents to that which is acceptable by the phone. But what got me surprised me was how the thing stopped working after the second use. It started sucking power from phone instead of charging. However I figured the problem was from the car charger, so I got another one from a phone accessory shop around me here, and with little idea on how this things work, replaced the old one with the new one I bought and it has been working just fine till now.
==>3. Just one laptop connecting cable. Meaning you can’t help a friend whose using another laptop model to power his/her laptop. Or if you eventually change your laptop in future, you may be forced to go hunting for a connecting cable for that one too. 

Final Addition
The small man can actually power your printer,  TV, DVD players, Fan and a host of other home appliances for 8+ hours on a single charge. But that’s if you have a few more notes to add in purchasing an inverter that will convert the DC current produced by this power bank t AC current that your TV, DVD, fan support. 

Where To Buy?
Like I said earlier, it is packaged and sold on konga website by a merchant called Ceeprotech. You can hit the below button to buy it from Konga website or scroll through other laptop power banks Here.
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