Oct 22, 2017

How To Check/Verify Your Bank BVN On Phone MTN, Airtel & Etisalat

The rush for Bank Verification Number (BVN) has now come to an end. And the need to confirm if the struggle was actually successful is obvious especially if you haven't gotten a text containing your own unique 11 digit BVN number from your bank.  

Apart from that, I learnt you need to provide this number each time you want to make deposits as well as withdrawals from the bank and you and I know the brain is not always faithful at keeping track with our phone number not to talk of this new 11 digit that is so difficult to memorize. 
Check bank Bvn MTN, Airtel, Etisalat
Nigerian Banks

However, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo has now made it easier for you and I to check our bank bvn using a ussd code that I will give to you guys.

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The code doesn't need an internet connection to work. Its just a dial and your Bank verification number will be staring at you face to face on your mobile phone screen (even on Nokia touch light phones). So if you find it hard to move around with your diary where you have your bank verification number neatly written down, or simply can't locate the one you have saved on your phone book, memorize this code.

Code To Check Your Bank BVN

Just dial *565*0# from the mobile phone number (sim) you have attached to your bank account. The code works for all banks bvn on MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat lines.
gtbank bvn

GTBank Code for checking BVN

Aside from using the above code to check your bank bvn on all Networks, some banks have taken it upon them to create there own unique custom code for checking it as well on the go. One of this banks include GTB.

So if you are a GTBank customer, you can also check your gtbank bvn by dialing *737*6*1#.

That of other banks will come up here once we get hold of them.

Things To NOTE

==>1. The above code checking bank bvn now works on Glo lines as well unlike when it was initially introduced.
==>2. Checking of bank bvn is not free. You need N10 airtime balance for it to work.
==>3. After checking your bvn using the above code, it's advisable you write it down in a secure location to save yourself from spending N10 each time.

That's all for now people. If you have questions, suggestions or issues making use of this code, kindly tell us using the comment box for assistance.

Oct 21, 2017

Guide To Download, Install & Play Pes 2018 Iso PSP On Android

Hello everyone and welcome to this post on how to download, install and play latest PES 2018 Iso PSP for Android in minutes.

In the time past, we've always taken it upon us to bring you the latest in the world of pes iso games for android users. For our previous posts under the PES Series, you can check out our post on pes 2015 isopes 2016 iso and the previous 2017 version. If those don't work for you, you can always go back to Pes 2014 iso which worked like magic.
pes 2018 iso logo
For today, we are going to be giving you links of where you can download pes 2018 iso psp files with guide on how to install it on your Android successfully in minutes so you can enjoy playing the game without stress.

Before we proceed, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a game developed by konami and made available yearly for game lovers across the globe to enjoy on their computer, PSP and other game console except Android. However playing the game on Android has been made available for years now in Iso format through the use of PPSSPP app downloadable on play store. The game just like PES, is also updated yearly too. Of which here is the 2018 version which happens to be the latest.

Images Of Pes 2018 ISO PSP For Android

pes 2018 iso corner kick

pes 2018 iso lineup

pes 2018 iso stadium

pes 2018 iso neymar

pes 2018 iso Ronaldo

New Features Of PES 2018 Iso

==>1. Improved Goal Tactics and Techniques.

==>2. Improved passing accuracy and Trading of players.

==>3. Full access to play the Manager Mode.

==>4. Improved Wi-Fi connection for playing Single and Multiplayer Mode. Coming with improved Club Earnings by Upgrading Stadium.

==>5. Just like in most new versions, there was an upgraded sophisticated Graphics, and awesome animations.

==>6. PES 2018 offline mode won’t be missed out as the game is coming.  May also have Online Play mode too because the trending PES 2017 has the version.

Pes 2018 Iso Download Links/Materials Needed

As at the time this post was made live, the below download links for pes 2018 iso have been tested and working perfectly. However, if you have complaints or find it difficult to download, kindly leave a comment below for assistance.

PPSSPP Emulator apk: Download PPSSPP Emulator

PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP for Android: Link 1 Download PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP (819.8 mb)

PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP for Android: Link 2 Download PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP (925 mb)

How To Install Pes 2018 Iso PSP On Android

Just like the previous versions, installing pes 2018 PSP PPSSPP ISO on Android is very easy. To do this, simply the guide below.

==>1. First, download and Install PPSSPP Gold (PPSSPP  emulator) From the updated Link above.

==>2. After that, you will have to Extract the PES 2018 ISO Data from the .zip, .rar formats with apps like ZIP Xplorer, file explorer or 7z if using pc.

==>3. Next, open the extracted folder and then copy the PES2018.iso to your phone SDcard >> PSP >> Game.

==>4. Once you have successfully moved it, launch the PPSSPP Game you installed from the above provided link and locate Games. 

==>5. Click on PES 2018 and enjoy. 

That’s all... If you wish to know how to set up multiplayer mode in pes 2018 iso, you can refer to our previous post regarding that in the 2016 version. 

Sep 8, 2017

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is not easy or cheap – unless you know a few tricks. Modern technology has created quite a few good opportunities to marketing without spending a fortune. Even some old-fashioned promotional tricks can do it for your business.

Let’s examine 10 low-cost ways to promote your business.

low cost promotions

1. Create a website

If you don’t yet have a website, you need to create one right away. Getting started won’t cost a fortune and it’s super simple – you can find plenty of helpful tips online.

Your business website doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to have information about your business, contact details for customers to use and some exciting products to introduce to customers.

2. List your business on review sites

You can also start promoting your business by listing your business details online on different review and listing sites. Google My Business and Bing Places for Business are a good way to get started. You can also list your business on Yelp and Yahoo Local.

3. Use social media

Aside from listing on the review and listing sites, you also need to use social media. Don’t just create profiles but publish regular content and connect with potential clients and current customers. You can use automated content creators to ensure you have Tweets and Facebook posts lined up for weeks ahead.

4. Volunteer in local events

Whenever there’s a big event in the local community, volunteer. You don’t have to give up all of your time or provide tons of free stuff but it helps to be present and to do well. It will improve your brand and help you get your business name out there in the community.

5. Share your business card

Many entrepreneurs are forgetting about the good old business card in today’s digitalized world. But handing out your business card to people you meet is cost effective. It creates a longer lasting memory in the person’s mind, improves your branding and you don’t have to spend a fortune on the business cards if you take advantage of Printed.com deals.

6. Host a free class

You should also consider hosting a free event at your business location. This could be related to your product closely or loosely – you don’t need to actively sell anything at the event; you are just raising awareness. You can run the class or you can ask a friend or acquaintance to help you out.

If you don’t have a business premise on where to run the event, you could organise a webinar. There are great sites like Webinars OnAir where you can host low-cost events online. It’s a great way to build up the brand and get people talking. 

7. Provide good customer service

It might sound silly but good customer service is the best promotional tool around. If your customers are happy, they are more likely to talk good things about your business and recommend you to friends and family. So, make sure you train employees well in terms of customer service.

8. Become an expert in your field

Become an expert in your industry and start offering comments and tips on topics relating to the sector. You could write newspaper articles, give interviews on the radio and just generally go around speaking at industry events. This helps brand your business and acts as a free promotion on media.

Whenever, a big industry event is taking place or happening, offer to comment on it on the media. Soon you don’t have to be the one calling but they will contact you instead. 

9. Create a referral program

As mentioned, your customers can be the best way to promote your business. You should use their enthusiasm and contacts to your advantage and reward them for promoting your business. Start a referral program in which your existing customers will benefit for spreading the word about your business. The reward doesn’t have to be anything huge – a bit of money off from the next order or a gift is sufficient.

10. Organise a competition on social media

You can also get plenty of promotion by organizing a competition, preferably on social media. Use an appropriate hashtag, get your customers to talk about your business and reward the winner with a new product or another such treat. The competition could be anything from posting pictures of different ways to use your product, naming a new product or telling three things they love about your product. The key is to keep it positive and about your business or the local community.

So, if you want to promote your business without spending a fortune doing it, use the above methods to your advantage. They will all help you market your business but without it costing a lot of money.

Aug 15, 2017

If You Are From NaijaTechLovers.com Please Click Here!!

Hello, dear readers, we are pleased to announce to you all the addition of one of our tech blogs NaijaTechLovers.com into TechDavids.com.

This is to enable us have extra-time to be able to serve you better in providing detailed posts for solutions to tech related problems which has been our watchword from day one.
NaijaTechLovers & Techdavids merge
After the merge, all NaijaTechLovers posts were imported into Techdavids and a redirection was put in place. Meaning visitors from Naijatechlovers are automatically brought into TechDavids.com.

If you clicked to view a post on NaijaTechLovers, and was redirected here, pls don't be annoyed. You can still read that post here as all NaijaTechLovers post has been moved to Techdavids. 
NaijaTechLovers & Techdavids merge 2

All you have to do is use the search bar at the top right-hand side of this blog as seen in the image above to search for that same post topic. You will find it here. 

Jul 25, 2017

Download & Install PES 2016 ISO PSP For Android: UPDATED JULY 2017!!!

The links pes 2016 iso in this post has been updated again and working perfectly as at 25th of July 2017. So feel free to download and play the game to satisfaction. You can also download the updated version Pes 2017 Iso Psp Here... 

This PES 2016 ISO PSP for Android has been around for a while now and I bet you must be missing a lot not playing or having it installed on your device. It's available for all to be downloaded, played and enjoyed for free on Android phones. So if you are tired of the older pes 2014 iso or the immediate 2015 version, get on this ride let's get you the latest version in the world of soccer.
The PSP game cloned for Android devices features a lot of changes from the previous versions and I bet you will enjoy it. Although its not that large in size, (less than 600mb), if you don't have enough data to download the files, or simply don't want to waste your current data. You can easily subscribe for MTN daily bis of N70 and use it.

New Features Of Pes 2016 Iso PSP

==>Updated players as usual
==>Improved graphics
==>Multiplayer features used to pair and compete with friends
==>Some Club Jersey have been updated from 2015 to 2016.
==>New Boots Adidas Pack.
==>Fix Jersey number of BPL ( Barclays Premier League ) invisible.
==>And many more including the latest addition of skill players, etc.

Images Of Pes 2016 ISO PSP
pes 2016 iso android neymar

pes 2016 iso android referee

pes 2016 iso psp android sanchez

Materials To Download For Installation

==>PSP Emulator: Link 1 Download PPSSPP Gold (Playstore N917.48
==>PSP Emulator: Link 2 Download PPSSPP GOLD (15.3mb Free)
==>PES 2016 ISO Full Data: Download Pes 2016 iso (493mb) [LINK UPDATED as at 25th July 2017]

Pls, If you are having issues with the links, it's as a result of too many downloads. Leading to the game removal by the hosting site. So I will advise you to download our latest working Pes 2017 apk uploaded a while ago.

How to Install Pes 2016 ISO On Android Phones

==>1. Download PES 2016 ISO Data from the above links,
=>2. Download and Install PPSSPP Gold from any of the links provided above.

==>3. Move PES2016.iso  that you downloaded to your Android SDCard/PSP/GAME folder.
==>4. Now open the PPSSPP Gold that you installed earlier and click on find Games. Tap PES2016 and enjoy.

That's all. You can now start Playing the game. Will update you guys later on how to pair and play it with friends on two different phones. 

UPDATE & Quick Tips!
If Game is running slow on your Android device, do the following set up to fasten it up:

==>Goto settings > Graphics
Frameskipping 1
Spline/Bezier curves quality – low

If it's still slow,
==>Goto Settings > Audio
Audio latency – low

Then if that still doesnt help, untick Enable sound.

How To Set Up Multiplayer Mode On Pes 2016 Iso

As promised earlier, here is how to configure 2 players or Multiple players mode on this game.

Note, both devices must have installed PPSSPP with PES 2016 running perfectly.

==>1. Create a hotspot connection on one device and then connect the other device to it (you can turn off your Data connection as its not needed for this to work).

==>2. Launch PPSSPP on both device

==>3. Goto settings > Networking
Tick Enable networking/WLAN (Beta, may break games)
Change PRO adhoc server IP address input
Tick Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server
ppsspp multiplayer connection Android

==>4. Launch PES 2016,
Select the first icon
Select Adhoc
Select Setup Room (on the device with hotspot)
Select Search for match Room (on the device connected to the hotspot)
Select the name of the other device connected to.

==>5. When the 2 devices are connected,
you can then Select To Next match

Choose your Teams and Enjoy this awesome soccer game while competing with your friends.

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Jul 13, 2017

How To Register For Payoneer MasterCard With Your Nigerian Voters Card/Other Cards

Its pretty simple to register for and use a Payoneer account & MasterCard in Nigeria using your National I.D card, Driving License or our very own Nigerian Voters card as a valid method of identification if you don't have the above two. After registration, the Payoneer MasterCard with its logo boldly written on it will be shipped to you in Nigeria free of charge within the pace of 20 to 30+ days.
payoneer mastercard
In case you don't know what payoneer is all about, it is an online payment company, like PayPal and payza that is available to Nigeria's to use without the need for any back door or changing of IP address. With it, you get a free US Bank account with routing number that can be used to receive payments for services rendered online with ease and convenience as well as make payments to other Payoneer users.

The card can also be used for buying things online from stores that accept the use of prepaid cards as long as you have money on it. Also, you can withdraw your money from any ATM around the world with a MasterCard logo written on it.

So How Do I Create & Own A Payoneer Account & MasterCard?
==>1. Its pretty simple. First, goto www.payoneer.com and click on sign up.
payoneer sign up form
==>2. Fill the form provided with your real name and address as it appears in your I.D (National I.D, Drivers license or Voters card). For zip code, go here for your correct zip code

==>3. Enter a strong password you can easily remember, and select a secret Question and Answer for account recovery (mind you, this question will be asked each time you want to contact or chat with Payoneer on live chat).

==>4. Select your ID type e.g drivers license and provide the details of the ID as required (for voters card, pick others).

==>5. Enter alternate shipping address if different from the address you provided earlier. Note it should be a valid address as that is the address your Payoneer Debit Card will be shipped to in Nigeria.

==>6. When done, click the ORDER Button and you are good to go.

It will take a minimum of two days for your account to be approved by payoneer. As long as your I.D is valid, and corresponds with the information provided by you, the account will be approved. You can check your mail regularly for approval notification.

Once approved, your Payoneer Mastercard will be shipped to the alternate shipping address you provided during the application process. It will take about 20 to 30+ days (3 to 6 weeks max) to be be delivered.

However, if the time has exceeded 6 weeks, goto the nearest post office in your area and enquire for your card. For faster delivery, (3-6 days) consider the $50 expedite shipping option via DHL. Or use a lagos address. As this willl make it come faster. 

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Once you get your Payoneer card, you have just one more step to go which is activating the card. To do that, login to your Payoneer account at Myaccount.payoneer.com and click on Activate. Input a four digit pin of choice for making withdrawals with your card and click on activate.

After that, you can then start using your card on any ATM with MasterCard logo e.g Zenith, Ecobank, fidelity etc. And be sure to keep your card safe to avoid stories that touch. As with every MasterCard, once in the wrong hands, one can easily make purchases with it online without your pin.

My next post will be on different ways to make money with your Payoneer account and from Payoneer partner websites. Pls share if you found this post interesting. You may also want to see how to make money using Payoneer affiliate program.

Jul 12, 2017

How To Make it Big As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Freelance writing is one of the jobs freelancers do online. As with most online businesses, freelance writing has a potential to fetch 7-figure income monthly. Some celebrated freelancers writers even say if you make ₦150,000 monthly you are lazy. They said if you double your efforts, your success stories starts from making that same amount weekly. Indeed, freelance writing is a lucrative employment for any strong and experienced Nigerian writer who knows his onions. 

First believe that Nigeria is a diverse country that many intend to peer into and understand the goings-on. Hence Nigerian freelancers have a well-paying job of keeping worldwide readers abreast. To make it big in that endeavor, adopt the following strategies.

freelance writing job

==>1. Render Complementary Services

If you want yourself to be known, you don’t aim at the reward immediately. You need to initially discover prospects that are likely to take a chance on ‘JJC’ freelancers with your kind of skills and passion and experience. Concentrate on them at first. What you do for them forms an archive of your writing samples and recommendations. Your future clients have gotten something to peer into when ascertaining your worth and credibility as a freelance writer. It also exposes your style, strength of your personality and your uniqueness. Make sure you do that for reputable clients who should be in a niche at the spot of your search for huge ones. It’s your immediate reward if they recommend you as they are okay with your writing.

==>2. Connect With Family and Friends

Since you are into a legitimate business, why hide from your folks and peers? They may know someone who needs services of a freelance writer. While not sounding desperate, you are marketing your business in an effective way if you are telling all your friends and loved ones you are a freelancer and are desire to expand your clientele. Do you think they would turn a deaf hear or blind eye if they stumble on a need for your services. Experience has shown once that once they read or hear anything about your skill, you are the first point of call in their mind.

==>3. Create Your Website or Blog and Keep Working on It

Here you can showcase for your writings that have gained positive reviews. Most of the freelancers don’t like to talk about themselves while they can offer something about virtually everything. But personality profile is the first selling point for the employee in any field of endeavor. Tell interesting stories about what makes you the type of freelancer you are. On your blog, let them know what you love to do for clients. Highlight your strength and potentials. Otherwise, the fear of scam might drive away a potential client from an anonymous freelancer. So let world know you.

See: Different Ways to Make Money Online Into Your Payoneer Account

==>4. Operate in a Network

While it is possible to make connections online, meeting people in your locality can be a good start. Starting a network of freelancing within your locality can be a start. Your acquaintances that have gotten to know what you are doing now can refer you to others. The strategy though can take months to yield result, it helps build stronger relationships. Place order for a few business cards on VistaPrint in this regard. Use it as a contact tool. Emphasize for those you meet how you solve clients' problems. You can say something like, "I help businesses tell moving stories that glue their clients to their businesses."
email marketing

==>5. Emails

Use e-mails as letters to introduce yourself to prospective clients and ask if they need your services with assurance of quality delivery. In such emails, refer to referrals from among those your targets are familiar with. Familiarize with the tone and style of your target audience and write in a language that will appeal to them. As you understudy them, try and identify their current need, highlight it for them with an assurance that you can fill it. It might be that their brochure is less informative or that their blog is not updated frequently. Whatever your pick is, be sure you are not criticizing. In the conclusion of your email take your communication one step further, by directing them to a link to your blog where they see samples of your capabilities.

==>6. Write Query Letters

A purposeful query letter may be all you need to land you a job of lifetime opportunity even as a new freelancer. Find out what your target market is interested in and what they have written about not long ago. Suggest the ideas that are ideal for their publication. Make sure you carefully carve a catchy headline and subheadings and retain their publication style. If you are not yet an established writer, quote at least one respected source. If you adopt their style, the editor of the page can easily envisage your work as part of their pages. Say a little less about yourself. Don’t assume you are the editor. Let them tell you how many words they want from you.

==>7. Phone or Internet Calls

Many new freelancers dread making a cold call. But it works. Marketing email is fast losing its appeal and effectiveness. Cold call is a means of making connections with your clients quickly.  Those you catch up with on social media might agree to an Internet call if you propose. It makes communications faster and conclusions are more easily reached.

==>8. Stay With Best Job Boards

If you don’t want to be duped and get robbed of your intellectual property, avoid mass boards. For a starter, bidding on Fiverr, Elance or Upwork might give some push but you need not hang around these. If you knew you have quality to deliver, try and reach out to clientele on market like job boards on Linked, ProBlogger, freelancers.com. Freelance Writers Den, Gorkana alerts have various services for new and experience freelancer. The secret is search to bid on site where fewer freelancers ply their trade. That gives you a competitive edge in bidding.

==>9. Make Good Use of Social Media

Take some time every day to hang around in some social media. Just be sure you have target because social media can be somewhat time waster if you are not disciplined. Make friends there and determine friends that contribute positively to your goal. It may take some for it to materialise but it will be worth it. Start with successful people in your niche and prospects. Follow their conversation and share in it. Over time, they will get to know your name by the time you sense you’ve meant something to them, reach out. Ask questions that tell you their interest but not probing them. That not only tells you whether or not to follow, it also sparks their interest. With time, doing that will let you identify platforms where your prospects hang out.

==>10. Don’t Work Alone

Yes, you do the writing alone, but not so with the marketing. It will be easier for you to work with other freelancers. It’s good to have a mentor. No freelancer has all the skills to freelance. An amalgamation of different skill will get you best material that can ever be produced. Those is your niche or even in other niche that see you as a partner in progress will first consider you when they land a project that requires your skills. Keep up with those in that network to see how they are faring and why they are faring that way.
If you adopt these ten strategies and follow through, you are bound to make it big as freelancer in Nigeria. Try and develop a purposeful marketing plan and work with it. Keep analysing it to see areas for improvement. Adjust it as your experience tells you. You are on the way to the top.
This is an example of how a Nigerian teenager started earning on his way up using these strategies.
a freelancer's earning
A Nigerian Newbie freelancer earning chart

Jul 6, 2017

Payoneer MasterCard Finally Arrived? Here Is How To Activate It In Seconds

Hello friends, today, we will be talking about how you can easily activate your payoneer mastercard card in a matter of seconds. Without going to the bank ATM and at the confort of your home using your phone or computer connected to the internet.

In case you don't already know, payoneer is an online currency vendor like paypal which allows those who work online abroad (in companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon KDP, Google Adsense) through the internet to be able to receieve their earnings right here in Nigeria.
payoneer card front

Unlike paypal, payoneer happen to be a company that is very flexible and supports lots of other foreign countries including Nigeria. In case you are new and still to register, you can register for your free Payoneer account here. After registration, if your account is approved (takes 1 - 2 days), a Payoneer MasterCard estimated to arrive within 2 weeks will be shipped to you.
payoneer account approval mail
Payoneer account approval mail showing estimated card arrival date
Now, for those who have succesffully registered for an account, and have gotten their cards, it is required of you to activate the card before using it. Otherwise, it will not work. And your account will not be fully functional until you do so. You will even notice payoneer after about 3 weeks of shipping your card will start sending you emails like the one below to activate your card.

Dear Augusta ,
We noticed that you haven’t activated your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card yet, and wanted to make sure that you received it. If you haven’t received your card yet, please visit our Support Center for further assistance.
If you already received your card, you can log into your Payoneer account to activate it and start receiving payments.

NOTE: If you are finding it difficult to get your card delivered or have a friend who is finding it hard to, you can either use the expedite shipping method and get your payoneer card delivered to you at your doorstep in 3 to 7 days via DHL at the cost of $40 (N14,000). Or reach us for help.

How To Activate Your Payoneer MasterCard After Arrival

==>1. Once you get your card, login to your payoneer account here.
==>2. Make sure you select the right card with the same last four (4) digit from the drop down menu at the top.
payoneer card activation 1

 ==>3. Click on the big red Activate button and proceed.
payoneer card activation 1
==>4. Now, fill the form accordingly with the required information, tick the I agree to cookies policy and hit the Activate button.
payoneer mastercard activation 3
NOTE: The 16 digit card number is the number visible in front of the card. Whilst the 4 digit pin is the pin that will be required if you want to withdraw money from the ATM using the card. Although we won't advise you to withdraw your money from the ATM as the bank ATM rates are usually very poor. Instead, sell to exchangers at a far better rate.

With that done, you can check out this post on the different uses of your newly activated payoneer mastercard as well as how to fund it. Have a great day.

Jul 2, 2017

How to Enable the Hidden Multi Window Features on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Restrictions are inconvenient, and for this reason, Mod has sought to soften the limitations on many features of a smartphone. Things, like adding favorite applications to the Registry Drawer window or selecting any application to put a multi-window, are now indispensable in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

 Our hardware is very powerful because it is limited to Samsung functions, so today I will show you how to enable some hidden features that allow you to enable multi-window on your smartphone. That means you are going to have four windows/screen at once. With this wonderful features, you can float windows anywhere on your desktop. the device.

During the examination of Android framework file, an Android developer whose name is "Xperiacle" Discovered that floating, docking, and quad-view features were all present, but deactivated options for Multi-window mode. By modifying these files, he was able to give us a way to test them, all you need is a rooted Galaxy Note 3 and an application modification app, called MultiWindow Plus.

Enabling MultiWindow Plus Features on Your Note 3

With only a few functions to enable, the MultiWindow Plus main page is simple, allowing you to activate one or two settings (or both).
  • Dockable - Creates a floating window from any app in the Multi Window drawer
  • 4-Window - Allows up to 4 windows on the screen at one time

Once the functions are enabled and the bar next to the multi-window mode is swiped to the right from its "default" setting, you are prompted to restart the machine for the changes to take effect.

Using the Docking Feature for Floating App Windows

With the Docking functions, just pull an application anywhere on the screen on the multiple window tray. This creates a floating window, similar to the one made by the pen window feature in air command. Once you place it down, you will be able to move it around and resize it.

Moreover, you can use the docking device anywhere on the device, without having many windows open. Simply drag the application anywhere and you will have a floating window, as in the screenshots below.

Using the 4-Window Feature for Enhanced Multitasking

With the function of four windows, you can pull up to four applications from the multi-window apps drawer anywhere on the screen. This creates four small squares, so be careful when selecting applications, as some functions may be lost due to construction size.


Restoring Multi Window Mode Back to Its Original Settings

If for any reason you want to go back to the original functionality of Multi Window, first you must disable the features within the MultiWindow Plus app. Then uninstall the app like you normally would for any other app, and reboot your device.
What do you think of MultiWindow Plus, and what cool functions have you found for four windows? Let us know in the comments below.

May 15, 2017

Fastest Way To Fund Your Payoneer Card/Account In Nigeria

Hello everyone and welcome to this post on the fastest and easiest way to fund your Payoneer card or account here in Nigeria.

While there are several ways to fund your Payoneer card or deposit money into your account, this method makes i.t a lot easier and fast. That you may even get dollars in your card in less than 30 minutes.

Which method am I talking about? 
Fund Payoneer card
Well the the easiest way to fund a Payoneer account is by getting a friend or fellow Payoneer account holder to transfer an agreed amount of Payoneer dollars into your own Payoneer account. To enable you make use of your Payoneer card for online purchases, make payments as well as do other things.

Now you may see it as something that is not so easy to do. Given the fact that you may not know of any one having a Payoneer account. 

And even if you do know of someone having a Payoneer account, most of them may actually not have funds in it. Leaving you with the difficulty of having to go looking for one. This is where we come in. But first let's see;

Uses Of Payoneer Dollars/Fund/Card

A lot of people fund their Payoneer account with dollars and then use it for so many things. Which include but not limited to;

==>1. Buying goods online from abroad (importation business)
A buyer used his payoneer card for importaion on Aliepress 

==>2. Payments online (school fees, Visa application fees, buying/renewal of domain and hosting plans etc)

==>3. Running of Facebook adverts. 

==>4. Some load their account with dollars in other to cover for expedite shipping of your Payoneer card. If the free option didn't work for you. 

Why People Prefer Payoneer MasterCard To Bank Dollar Cards

==>1. If you follow this post, its easy to get Payoneer funds compared to funding your bank dollar card.
==>2. Payoneer funds are a lot cheaper than dollars at the parallel market
==>3. Payoneer cards are easy to get while a dollar card will require a domiciliary account along with 2 reference and other minor requirements.
==>4. Payoneer cards are free. You can even get free $25 for owning one

The Fast & Easy Payoneer Card/Account Funding Method

The easiest and fastest way to fund your Payoneer account is through an exchanger who supports not just buying of Payoneer funds but also selling of the funds.

Since they get individuals willing to sell their Payoneer dollars on a regular bases, they will always have funds and can transfer to your account at will.

Before now, we only exchange Payoneer dollars for naira at a very good rate. But after so many requests from people, we've also decided to sell. So as to help curb the difficulties faced by majority when searching for Payoneer funds.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Card Account Through Us

Its easy! All you have to do is;

==>1. You must have an active Payoneer account. Whether or not you've activated your card.
==>2. Then contact us on WhatsApp using this number 07030602334 or on Telegram using this username: @uchefrancis
==>3. We reply instantly on Whatsapp. You just have to tell us the amount you need. We discuss the rate and you pay the equivalent.
==>4. After payment, we will credit your Payoneer account with the agreed amount of Payoneer dollars.

For previous proof of payment, kindly check out our buying page here. When selling to us, payment is usually instant. However, when funding, it depends on the flow of funds, but you will be credited the same day. So do well to reach us on time because it's first come, first serve.

Our Contact Details
Chat up on Whatsapp with 07030602334
Telegram: @uchefrancis