10 May 2017

How To Root & Unroot Any Android Phone With Kingroot In Minutes

Hello guys and welcome to this post on how to root and unroot any Android phone with Kingroot app in a matter of minutes. And without PC.

What Is Rooting Of An Android Device?

In case you don't already know, rooting of an Android device simply means getting root access/previlage. That is, the process that allows users of smartphone running the android operating system to gain control over their device and bypass any limitations placed on the device by the manufacturers, phone carriers etc. This can also be reffered to as jail breaking in iPhones (iOS). Or hacking in nokia S60 also known as symbian phones.
Rooted with kingroot
Rooting can provide many advantages to your user experience. Unlock your devices full potential to unlimited possibilities and many more.

We all have different reason for wanting to root our android device for which when done, might actually want to unroot it. To take the phone back to its initial state and probably, have the warranty back - since rooting voids phone warranty.

Kingroot app is the app to vouch for in terms of rooting of any Android device. It undergoes frequent updates with which more features are added to it and makes it able to root any Android device. Its so good that even if it can't root your phone, all you have to do is update to the latest Kingroot version and your stubborn phone will bow.
What am about to share with you today, I have tested and found working perfectly in rooting and unroofing of Android phones like the once listed below.

Preview Of Phones Rooted & Unrooted With Kingroot

Practically, Kingroot can root just about any Android device. However, it won't bite to include those I've personally rooted with it. And a few others that am pretty sure it can root as well.

The phones include;

Gionee m5, Gionee m5 mini, Infinix phones (like infinix hot, infinix note 3, zero 4 etc), Tecno, Itel, Samsung S6, Galaxy S6 plus, note and A8, HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC Incredible S G11, HTC Desire HD G10, HTC Desire G7, HTC legend G6, HTC Nexus One G5, HTC hero G3, Samsung I9000, Samsung I9100, Samsung S5830, MOTOMB855, MOTO MB860, MOTO Droid, Sony Ericsson X10i, LG P920, Huawei C8650, ZTE V880, ZTE N760, Cool 5860, Lenovo music phone, Meizu M9, oppo X903

Mind you, if your phone is not listed above, it doesn't mean Kingroot won't do the job. It only means I didn't include it to the list. All you have to do is try. Because rooting and unrooting with kingroot wont harm your phone - its 100% safe.

Some supported android versions in its latest version include Jellybean, KitKat, 5.1 lollipop, 6.0 marshmallow, even the latest Android nougat 7.0

How To Root Any Android Phone With Kingroot

To root with Kingroot is very simple. And like I said earlier, its also safe. Meaning you won't be in the risk of bricking your phone. To do this, follow the directions below.

==>1. Start by downloading and installing the latest version of Kingroot app from their official website.

==>2. After that, make sure your is connected to the internet with strong signal.
==>3. Open Kingroot app and allow to run and load your phone details.

==>4. Click on root and the process will begin. Showing you the progress level in percentage.
Kingroot acquiring root 19%
Root in progress
==>5. At this point, your phone might reboot a number of times or make some unusual behaviors - don't panic. 

==>6. After rooting is complete, a success message will pop out. Reboot your phone and that's all. You can download root checker to verify the root.
root checker Gionee m5
Root checker: Root successful

How To Unroot With Kingroot

To unroot any Android device with Kingroot is very simple. But the phone must have been rooted with kingroot in other to unroot with it. 

After taking that into consideration, to unroot with your Android device with Kingroot, all you have to do is;

==>1. Locate and open Kingroot app on your phone from the App drawer.

==>2. After opening, click on the option button at the top right corner and select settings.
Unrooting stage 1 & 2

==>3. From there, scroll down to Uninstall Kingroot.
uninstall Kingroot
Kingroot Uninstall button
==>4. A pop up will appear saying "After unroot, you will loose root access". Just click on continue and allow to unroot.

==>5. Another page will pop up with a box asking for root back up. Just untick it.

==>6. A progress shape will come out. Just allow to do its thing.
Kingroot unrooting
Unrooting stage 4, 5 & 6

==>7. When done, your phone will reboot. You can then download root checker to check and be sure that the root access has been removed.
Android root access removed
Root checker: root access removed

That's all. You can see the set of images below for guidance.

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Other Things You Can Do With Kingroot

Apart from rooting your Android phone with one click, and with PC, Kingroot can be used for quite a number of other things which might as well be part of the reason majority choose to root with Kingroot.

This things include;

  • Android speed up
  • Battery saving
  • Bloatware uninstaller
  • Remove ads
  • Better backup and
  • Customizations
With that, you have seen how easy it is to root your android device. And you've also seen how am able to root and unroot any android device using the this awesome app called Kingroot.

So if you have a phone that has proven to be very stubborn and refuse to root given all methods, this method might just be what it hasn't seen.

If you find this post helpful, pls share it with friends to help them. Then for questions, kindly use the comment box below. We reply in seconds.

27 Apr 2017

TBills At A Glimpse! How To Invest In Nigerian Treasury Bills

Got some spare cash and don't know where to invest it for high returns? You're not alone my friend. In fact, there are several others out there with millions stashed up in their homes or lying idle in their savings account without any clue of where to invest it.

I too was in that same position before I discovered treasury bills in Nigeria. And was opportune to meet a lot of people I call brothers that invest in TBills here in Nigeria and are so selfless & keen at letting others know about it through this thread on Nairaland.
Nigerian Treasury Bills investment

What Is Treasury Bills?

Treasury bills, in short, TBills is a short-term debt obligation backed by the government of a country with a maturity of less than one year.

The government benefits from it in the sense that they use the money raised from selling T-bills to fund various public projects, such as the construction of schools and highways. 

T-bills can have maturities of just a few days up to the maximum of 52-weeks. But common maturities in Nigerian treasury bills are three months (91 days), six months (182 days) and one year (364 days). The longer the maturity date, the higher the interest rate that the T-Bill will pay to the investor.

With TBills, you will get to know that leaving your money idle in a savings account, or putting it in a fixed deposit is a very huge mistake and a total waste of time. As fixed deposit rates are less than half that of treasury bills. In fact sometimes, after investing in fixed deposit, the banks, in turn, reinvest the money into TBills for higher returns. Which is why they keep hiding TBills from us and pretend not to know about it when you ask about it.

Even if you are risk averse. And find it hard to start up a business on your own. Or invest in others due to the high possibility of it going down - Tbills is for you. Because it's a low-risk investment - almost 100% risk-free. 

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Types Of Treasury Bills Explained

TBills are differentiated based on the market where you get if from. We have the primary market and secondary market.  With each having different rates and features.

==>1. Primary Market: According to CBN, this is a market where new issues of securities are available for sale. The market for new issues in all government securities is the Issues Office, Central Bank of Nigeria.

==>2. Secondary market is the market for the trading of previously issued securities. 

Difference Between TBills Primary & Secondary Market

==>1. The primary market is for new issues. While secondary market is where trading of previously issued securities are carried out. That is here you buy your Tbills from people willing to liquidate theirs at the bank.

==>2. T-bills primary market rates are usually higher than secondary market rates.
==>3. To invest in the primary market, you have to wait for the auction week (2 weeks from the previous auction). While for the secondary market, you can walk into the bank any time of the week to buy from whatever the bank has for sale at a negotiable rate.

==>4. Duration for primary market TBills are usually 91 days, 182 days and 364 days. If you see any odd duration like 72 days, 179 days or 272 days then you are being offered TBills from the secondary market.

A Glimpse At The Nigerian Treasury Bills

To invest in the Nigerian treasury bills, investors have three different maturity periods/durations to pick from which is the 91 days, 182 days and 364 days. With that of 364 days having the highest rate of 18.6% followed by 182 days at 17% and 91 days at 16.4% (from the last T-bills auction).

It's usually best to go for the 364 days tenure. Why?  Tbills interest is calculated based on per annum. Meaning if your 364 days Tbills investment amount is N100,000 and your annual percentage rate is 18.6 percent. The interest over one year is N18,600. Divide that amount by 12 to calculate the amount of interest per month, which is N1550.

But if you go for 91 days at 16.4 percent with the same investment amount of N100,000, the interest will be N4,100 for the 3 months. And N16,400 if you invest 4 times in a year (remember 364 days gave N18,600). 

Yield Calculation

364 days
100,000 x 18.6/100 = N18,600 per year
18,600/12 months = N1550 per month

While for 91 days
100,000 x 16.4/100 = 16,400 per year
16,400/12 months = N1,366.7 per month And
N1,366.7 x 3 = 4,100 for 3 months

So you see the drop? let's continue...

How To Invest In TBills Here In Nigeria

Are you satisfied with what you've read and want to invest in Tbills? Your question maybe when is the next tbills auction coming up? TBills calendar is here to help you. It comes up every two weeks. Read on to learn more...

==>1. It's easy. You just have to pick a bank of choice. I prefer Stanbic IBTC as they have the best rate for tbills in Nigeria. Although Firstbank, Fidelity, GTBank, access bank, diamond bank and the rest is also a good hit. Zenith na nogo area... Their rates are usually low.

==>2. After choosing a bank, its time to head over, and open an account with them using your ID card and NEPA bills or as required by the bank.

==>3. Load the account with the supposed amount you wish to invest in treasury bills and then wait for the auction week.

Note; as stated earlier, Nigerian treasury bills auction usually come by every 2 weeks. As at the time of publishing this post, the last auction was April 20th, 2017. So you can project by 2 weeks and do the maths to know the next auction. See the table below.
Nigerian Treasury Bills calendar
Nigerian Treasury Bills calendar
==>4. After loading the account, and knowing the auction week, just head over to any branch of your chosen bank on the Monday of the auction week to inform them about your interest in investing into TBills.

Bids are usually submitted by the banks to CBN on a Wednesday, but the deals are effected on a Thursday. Ideally, it is better to submit the application latest on Monday preceding the auction day. To enable your bank compile it on time. 

It will also be good to do it on time if you want to invest in the primary market instead of secondary market. Because the new rules placing the minimum TBills investment amount to 50 million makes the banks match up interested parties amount to reach 50 million and then invest on their behalf. If otherwise, then you will be left with the secondary market for your treasury bill.

==>5. They will give you a form with provision to fill in your Face Value ( the amount you wish to invest in the TBills), rate, name, account number etc coupled with other forms containing terms and conditions for agreement and signing.

==>6. When done, submit and that's all. You will get a call regarding the rate before the bids are placed.

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Things You Need To Know Before Investing In Nigerian Treasury Bills

==>It pays your interest upfront 
==>The higher the money, the bigger your interest. Same goes to any other form of investment.

==>Before the new rule from Federal Government, one can easily go to his or her bank and bid for a particular rate at which he or she wants for their TBills. However, now you can only do that if you have N50 million and above you wish to invest. Otherwise, you have to go with your bank's rate. 

==>Treasury bills rate in Nigeria 2016 was around 10%... But we have seen it grow from 7.5%, 8% and 10% for 91 days, 182 days and 364 days respectively in 2016 to as high as 16.4, 17.5 and 18.6% for 91 days, 182 days and 364 days respectively (Stanbic IBTC auction rate for April 5th, 2017) for more information regarding treasury bills rate, check out CBN previous T-bills rates

==>You can use the power of compounding to make a fortune with TBills. After a particular one matures, reinvest it along with its interest.

How To Get The Best Out Of TBills

Have a plan... Don't say only the big guys with large capital enjoys it. They all started somewhere. You too can start small and gradually move to the top by reinvesting your interest. After some time, when you might have been able to grow your capital, you can lock it up in a Federal Government Bond (FGN) over a long period and receive interests every 6 months. 

This alone can cover your core yearly expenses. I call it the easiest risk-free way to have your money working for you. Check out what this guy from Nairaland does in the quote below.
Bros, Feb2020 FGN Bond coupon payment is 15.54%, locked down till 2020.
Coupons are paid in February and August every year since the year 2015.
N8 million naira bond gives me a total of N1,243,200 as annual interest. Interest is paid twice ie February coupon is N621,600. August Coupon is N621,600.
My house rent is 600K and its paid in September annually. Child skool fees for the year is not over 300K.
The difference goes back into Treasury Bills with other incomes.
By February 2020, my N8 million will be credited back to me with the last coupon payment of N621,600. (Bullet payment)
note that the N8 million naira was an aggregate of different TBills i have bought over the years which i locked down for a long term bond.
This is one of more.

Tbills Common Question & Answer

==>1. Question: If the bank I bought my TBills from folds, what happens to my money?
Answer: Your Treasury Bills are warehoused by a Custodian. So even if a bank or Investment House closes, the custodian would be the party that you will need. Besides, these days, banks don't shut down. Instead, they are sold and a new management will take over from where the other stopped.

==>2. Question: What are other investment alternatives to TBills in Nigeria? 
Answer: Bonds, fixed deposit (not advice able though)

==>3. Question: Can I get back my money before the tenors finishes?  
Answer: You can liquidate your TBills at any time to get back your capital. But you will have to pay a penal charge usually determined by your bank. Contact your bank for more info.

==>4. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills?
Answer: The minimum amount you can invest is N100,000. Whilst the maximum can go as high as hundreds of millions of naira.

==>5. Question: Which bank has the best rate? 
Answer: As at the time of hitting the publish button for this post, Stanbic IBTC happens to be the bank with the highest rates for treasury bills in Nigeria followed by Fidelity, Firstbank, GTB etc. 

Sadly, that's all we have for you on treasury bills and how to buy some for yourself. But I guess you've already learned more than enough required to start investing in Tbills. So quit reading from here and start acting and earning. You may also like read this post on making money with Amazon Kindle as a Nigerian.

If you find this post helpful, pls appreciate us by sharing it. And if you have questions not treated here that you wish we could answer, don't hesitate to ask using the comment box below. We reply in seconds.

12 Apr 2017

Infinix S2 Pro With Dual Front Camera – Full Specifications & Price

Infinix Mobility has finally introduced the Dual Front Camera smartphone known as Infinix S2 Pro. The device is the second in the new Infinix S-series line after the Hot S that was released last year. Infinix S2 Pro comes with a 5.2-inch HD screen with a 2.5D curved glass display protected by a dragon trail glass.

The Infinix S2 Pro as it seems, will no doubt join the likes of Vivo V5 Plus and LG V20a  with its dual front facing camera. The front facing camera is blessed with dual 3 MP f/2.2 SK3L8, and 8 MP OV8856 with auto-focus, wide-angle selfie, and single LED flash while the back camera has a 13-megapixel snapper with a dual LED flash.
Infinix S2 Pro black
Infinix S2 Pro
The device is tagged the Wefie King-meaning it has the ability to accommodate more people in a single selfie. WEFIE on its own actually means “Group Selfie.” It is a photographic group portrait taken in the same position as selfie but with many people and are posted on social media networks. The 13MP camera at the front of the S2 Pro takes the normal selfie any phone can take while the second 8MP camera is for wider angle selfie. When activated it’s able to capture more people in a single selfie. See the images below for example
infinix s2 selfie & wefie camera
Infinix s2 selfie & wefie camera
infinix s2 selfie photo
Infinix s2 selfie photo
Infinix s2 wefie photo
Infinix s2 wefie photo
In the software and performance side of thing, Infinix S2 Pro runs on Android version 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box and is powered by an Octa-core MediaTek 6753 processors clock at 1.3GHZ. It has 3GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and 32GB of internal storage which is expandable to 128GB via a MicroSdCard Slot Infinix S2 Pro connectivity and Sensor Options include Wifi Hotspot, USB type C, Gyroscope, Compass, Fingerprint scanner, gravity sensor, temperature sensor, 4G connection, WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, and OTG.

Infinix S2 Pro Key Specifications

  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow on top of XOS
  • Display: 5.2 Inch HD IPS (1280 x 720 resolution)
  • Protection: With 2.5D curved glass and Dragontrail protection
  • SIM: Dual SIM (Hybrid)
  • Network: 2G/3G/4G LTE
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz 64-Bit MT6753 Octa-core processor
  • GPU: Mali T720
  • RAM/ ROM: 3GB RAM / 32GB storage Expandable to 128GB via  microSDcard
  • Back Camera: 13-MP rear camera with f/2.2 S5K3L8 with AF and dual tone LED flash
  • Front Camera: 13 MP f/2.2 SK3L8 + 8 MP OV8856 selfie camera with AF and single LED flash
  • Fingerprint sensor: Yes
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh with quick charging (fast charge)
  • Colours: Rose gold, gold, black and blue

Infinix S2 Pro Wefie Full Specifications and Price

Body Build
Operating System
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Screen Size
5.2 inches
1280 x 720 pixels with 282 PPI
2.5D display with dragon trail Glass
148.9×72.1×8.07 mm
Dual Micro SIM ( Hybrid)
1.3 GHz MediateK 64-Bit MT6753W Octa-core processor
Front Camera
Dual 13MP + 8MP
Back Camera
13MP with phase detection and laser autofocus, dual-LED flash
32GB ROM Expandable via MICRO SD up to 128GB
GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Battery Capacity
3000mAh battery; 9V/2A fast charging
Proximity, and
Compass Sensor,
Temperature sensor,
Hall sensor,
Yes Front-Mounted
Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, black and blue

Price, Availability & Where To Buy Infinix S2

price & Availability for infinix s2 pro
N60,000-N70,000 at Jumia Nigeria 
Buy Now 
Ksh. 15, 699 at Jumia Kenya 
Buy Now
2, 026, 143 Indonesian Rupiah
2, 732 Egyptian Pound
Rs. 9, 757
549, 905 Ugandan Shilling
143 Euro
650-700 Ghanian Cedi
12, 242 Bangladeshi Tak

That's all for now on Infinix s2 pro with dual front camera and the world's first wefie device. What is your take on this phone? Is it a hit or miss by Infinix? Let's hear you!

9 Apr 2017

GTB Target Savings Account: What It Is & How To Open One

While going through my usual habits of wallowing online endlessly in search of any reasonable article that might catch my attention, I stumbled upon an article at Ogbongeblog which talked about how to withdraw from a GTB Target savings account. 

By mare looking at the title of the post, my first impression was; what in the world is GTB target savings account? I mean what is GTBank targeting this time lols... 
gtbank target savings account

Then i clicked and started reading before coming up with what am about to share with you guys today about this account type from guaranty trust bank called GT Target savings account. So in case you are still in the loop about this hidden treasure that might serve as a soul saver by helping build back your lost saving habit, you might want to ride on with me. But first;

What Is GT Target Savings Account?

This is an account from GTBank put in place to encourage financial discipline through savings. It's designed, to enable you save towards a particle goal/objective until you reach the target amount. For example; weddings, holiday, a new car, higher education, a future investment etc. The idea behind the account is just to help you achieve that.

It is built in such a way that after creating your own GT Target savings account, you can then set up a standing instruction to the bank to fund the GT target account at a chosen frequency. And in that note, you will be required to provide the account which is to be debited for the standing instruction (usually any other account you have with the bank), the amount to be debited and credited to the target account, the frequency (usually 30 days, 3 months etc), start date and end date.

For example, say you want to buy a car in 6 months, and will be needing N600,000 for it, you can set a standing instruction for the bank to transfer 100,000 at a particular time every month from your main account with them (where your salary, income flows) to the GT Target account for 6 months.

Features Of GT target Savings

The features embedded in this target savings account include.
  • Zero account opening balance
  • Mandatory standing order of N5, 000 (minimum) - standing order frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
  • Interest rate is pegged at 3.6% per annum
  • Minimum savings period of six months (partial/full withdrawal prior to six months attracts interest forfeiture)
  • 1% bonus interest is awarded when customers commit to the agreed standing order deposit for 1 year
  • Interest accrues on the account daily but the interest is only capitalized after every six months
  • Maximum of 3 sub accounts can be opened for different financial goals and targets
  • Can be opened on our internet banking platform or by walking into any GTBank branch
  • GT Target is non-transactional account

How To Create A GT Target Savings Account

If you've got something you wish to save towards, this kind of account is perfect for you. It's easy to open and apart from helping build back your lost saving habit, it saves you the stress of having to go create another account from another bank in other to separate your real savings money meant for your car, wedding etc from your general savings. So to open one for yourself, you need to meet with the minor requirements listed below.
  • Duly signed and completed GT-Target account opening form
  • Log on to Internet banking and select GT Target from the request menu to open an account, select a suitable standing order amount and select the most preferred savings option (i.e. monthly, quarterly or semi-annually)
  • To own and operate a GT Target Account you must have an existing GTBank Account.

Account Opening Procedure

==>1. Goto GTBank website and sign in to the GTB Internet Banking Platform
==>2. Click on "Self Service" on the side menu and Select "GT Target Account" 
==>3. Follow the instruction given and a GT Target Account number will be generated for you.
==>4. After that, you can then proceed to place your standing order instruction and that's all.

To those who care to know, I just created my own target account and set up the standing instruction already to enable me to acquire my new... SECRET. Go set yours up if you've got a target too. You can check out the terms and conditions of this account here. For questions kindly send them to me through the comment box and I will reply you with the speed of light.