Jun 23, 2018

Few Reasons Why Android Is Still Better Than iPhone

Don't misquote me with the topic above, i didn't say Android is better than iPhone, am only trying to show you some features that still make Android better than iPhone, we know that their are also some features that make iPhone better than Android like Camera, browsing, fancy and more like that but what we are driving at today are some features that still make Android better than iPhone.

Both phone has their own standout features, if we get to look at now a days youths, we will see that they prefer buying iPhone than Android so that they can feel belong among their colleagues as a big boy and girl. Today i will just show you six features that makes Android better than iPhone.

Here are the few features that makes Android better than iPhone.

1. Meaningful Home Screen Customization:

The is really one of the greatest feature on Android, though on iPhone, you can move and group you folder and that is one of the major thing it does their but on Android, you can group you folder  into one icon, you can customise/redesign the home screen and as well set any information you want it to display each time
Even if you go through the play store, you will see some features that is entirely for home screen, you can change the icon, change the grid size and do lot more, if we are talking about the home screen of a thing on Android, we will really go far on it. Once you go on Play Store, you will see different feature and you won't even know the one to download but all are great features for Android

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2. Direct USB Access and a Real File System:

Talking about transferring of files between phone and computer, for instance, If you plug an Android to a computer with a cable, it will definitely pop up they way other drive pop up when you connect them to computer which means you can transfer any files among the computer and the Android device be it Music, Video, picture, Document etc but if you plug iPhone to a computer, you will only be allowed to transfer pictures.
Still on iPhone, if you need to transfer anything on it or to it, each content will require it's own app to get the transfer successful but on Android, every it's made easy.

3. Default App Choices:
As for Android, omce you download any app on it, you can set it as default and as well remove it has default if you like, you can set messaging app, homescreen, phone app, keyboard app and many more, for broswer, you can set any of yo browser as default for opening link and also change it to another browser aa default if you need to. For iOS, it's not easy to set those things as default,browser, keyboard app, messaging app can't be set as default unlike Android, only what you can do I just that if there are lot of the app, you can make a primary choice

4. Multi-Window Support for True Multitasking:

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The Multi-Window of thing might sound uselss for some people because you will be thinking that why should i have to open two tabs on my tiny phone screen when it's not computer, for some people, they will understand whar am saying , there are at times you will be doing something calculative on the internet and you need calculator along-side with it without quitting or minimizing your phone, you can as well put the browser and calculator side-by-side your phone screen, that will make your work faster and easier, you can get this feature on Android Nougat (7.x). Even it's very suitable and interesting on tablet but For iOS, this feature is also there but not all, it's only on iPad an people who uses Plus model

5. Multiple Users and Guest Access:
On Amdroid, you can easy give out your phone to someone to login any of is account without tampering with the owners account and the person will do whatever he/she wants to do with causing any commotion on the owners account.  If you just want to let someone check out your phone without worrying about all your personal info showing up front and center, you can also use Guest Mode. This basically fires up a stock instance of Android without needing to log in, allowing someone to use your phone for simple tasks while keeping your stuff separate.
But when we are taking of iPhone, the owner might not want to leave it because of is files, even some might say it only for a single user. As for iPhone user, if the need to share the iPhone with someone is essential, they have to download some multiple account app so it won't affect their own document once the other person log in.

6. Always-on Display for At-A-Glance Info:

This is a new feature on Android in which you will be able to glance through you notifications, time, date and some others without even touching your phone. This feature is really OK because on some phone like Samsung Galaxy S9, yo can get a quick glance info, you can turn the feature off if you don't need it an as well customise it to your taste like automatically disable once is late at night and many more customise but for iOS, you have to pick the phone up and glancing down at your phone, that what you can get on iOS.

Now you can compare the features among each other and choose your choice. If you want to know more on this, make a request or complain on the features, Kiinldy make use of the COMMENT BOX.

Jun 13, 2018

Manage Your Tabs With These Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are at times you open different tabs and you surprisingly notice that all got closed/crashed instantly, there are at times you find out that the browser you are using at that moment got skow eventhough the browser is a fast browser, it will still be slow just because of the tabs you opened. Meanwhile, if you have a standard chrome extension, it will prevent your tabs from getting closed unconsciously or get crashed.

On a normal ground, you don't need anything like extension to keep your tabs on but for those people who love keeping many time at the same time like 320 tabs, their will b need to use extension for that. Google has now come with some extension which happens to be the best extension. You don't need to be afraid a scared about your privacy, the extesion can't have harm on your privacy that why today i will be giving you the best of all.

Here are the best chrome extension which is good to sustain many tabs

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1. The Great Suspender: 

This is used for preserving your system resources. It does not manage tabs, it's only used for to suspend inactive tabs that is not currently used at that moment. Though different people with different reasons for open different tabs and we all know that opening more tabs on chrome consuming more space that's why this great suspender is here to help deactivate the tab that is not used at that moment, though the tab won't shut down finally but it won't be active at that moment you are not on it, immediately you click on the tab, it will reload and start working back.
You will agree with me that there are at times you will have a tab opened contain your credentials in which you won't want it to get reloaded once you switch to it, so you have to notice that on great suspender, you can also set a tab not to deactived on great suspender and not to get reloaded once you click on it because it's containing a vital information. My advice to you is that the tab you opened not to get deactivated by great suspender because it contains your vital info. should not be much so it won't reduce the system performance on your device

2. One Tab: 

This is used to suspend tabs and get them out of your way. Though, it performance looks like that of Great Suspender but their is a little difference among them, Once One Tab deactivate the tab you are not using at that particular moment, it saw them into a group for easy access so that your browser won't get scattered, if you need any of the tab, you click on the group that all get activated back
If you then open more tabs in that same window, and then activate OneTab again, it saves the new tabs into their own group on that same page, broken up by when you saved them.
It's possible to send tab to One Tab through the context menu, what you have to do is to Right-Click anywhere on the page>>Tap the One Tab entry then you see all kinds of commands there, one the entry, you can send the current tab to One Tab, send all tabs except the current one to One Tab and also send all the tabs opened on chrome windows to One Tab.
You can also do it in such a way that you will be able to find an option for adding the current domain to a whitelist to prevent pages from that domain from being sent to OneTab at all.
Here are  other features you can do on One Tab
>>You can search for your saved tabs though there is no search feature there but you can use these following shortcuts to get it (Ctrl+F, Windows+F or Command+F)

>>Though you can't automatically do this but you can manually do it by backing up saved tabs as a list of URLs and also import them whenever you need

>>Yo can create a unique One Tab link to share individual sessions or all your saved tabs.

3. Tabs Outliner: 

This is used to suspend and browse tabs in a tree structure. Tab Outliner also group tabs into a list,  if you want to open the tabs, you have to hit the icon one your address bar to activate it first. Once you have hit the icon, a window will pop up showing all your tabs grouped by the chrome window, it will also be sorted to where they belong to. You can also organise your tabs better by dragging and dropping tabs into other sessions
Using this Tab Oitliner, it's possible to rename your tab for easy access, you can rename it with any kind of name you will easily remember.

The Tab Outliner makes it more easier to access the tabs we need in such a way that the dimmed tabs are the ones suspended, the tabs with blue text are open, and the tab with white text is the currently selected tab in Chrome, you can also suspend the whole tab at once by just placing the mouse cursor over the window in the Tabs Outliner Window.
The session am about to tell you is really sweet because once you double-click on the those your suspended tabs, it opened in it's original context, that is, if you suspending 5 tab and you want to open it,  all the 5 tabs will open in their own window as an original tab
Tab Outliner also support backup but the backup, there is automatic backup but you have to upgrade to paid version which cost $15 , you can also do a manual backup to Google Drive which is free
Do not uninstall Tab Outliner while you still have your tabs opened because if you uninstall it, all your tabs will close permanently and you might have a tab you opened which contains your personal info which you don't want it to be closed because you want to use it for and important thing

4. Toby:

This is used to organized saved tabs and share them with teams.  Unlike the previous once, Toby does not only suspend tabs, it suspend, organise and save tabs,  is about a little more than just organizing tabs. it also serves as a fair replacement for bookmarks. Toby replaces your new tab page with it’s own organizational page for managing tabs, it uses Collections to organize tabs and you’ll see those at the left of the page while on the right page, you will see a list of all open tabs in the current Chrome window then you can drag any tab there into a collection to close the tab and save it as part of that collection.
See some features that you need to know about this Toby
>>Clicking the “Save Session” button to save the whole list of tabs to it’s own session collection, which you can later reopen all at once or individually.

>>Opening any page by just clicking it. And the page stays saved in your collection until you remove it manually, they’re more like bookmarks than suspended tabs in that way.

>>Opening all pages in a collection at once by clicking the “Open x Tabs” button. This is great for reopening a session you saved, or reopening a collection of related tabs.
Using Toby, you can share a collection by clicking on "Share Link" , you can be given a link to share with people or you share a collection privately either to an organisation you have setup (it does not require you working in that organization before you use this features) or someone you want to show your collection. As a freelancer,  you could create a team for each of your clients, and share collections with them privately.Toby also work as a bookmark manager.

Am sure with this little point, you will be able to manage your tabs well. For any request of complaints, kindly make use of the COMMENT BOX.

Jun 7, 2018

How To Make #50000 And Above Monthly With Your Facebook Account Without Leaving Your Home

Hello TechDavids Readers, I know you have been looking for a better place to make money easily so today i will be showing you how i earn upto #50000 monthly with just my facebook account, i don't need to rush or hurry myself to go to any office or been afraid of a boss not to sack me because am late, NO.. this is a job that is stress free and you can do it at your very convenient time. Anyone with daily expenses can take part in this opportunity, be it Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online
Without wasting much of our time, which opportunity is this, the opportunity am telling you about is known as N.I.P

What is N.I.P?
N.I.P simply means NNU Income Program, This is a newly launched and registered website by CAC, so you have nothing to worry about. It is an initiative conjoined with Nigeria New Update platform,
NIP is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on monthly basis. With this, you can take advantage of your Facebook friends, WhatsApp, Twitter etc to make more money.

How Can I Earn From NNU Income Program?
The shocking part here is that you can earn 4 ways with this program, these are the ways listed below

1. Through Active daily login: When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn money an it's done on a daily basis

2. Commenting and Contributing: When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by comment, you earn from this also on each post you commented on

3. Sharing sponsored post on Facebook: As a member of this program, NNU has assigned  sponsored post to members in their dashboard on a daily basis to share on their Facebook timeline, With this, you also earn

4. Referring people to this program: this is an affiliate way you can refer your friends, relatives, colleagues to this program, NNU try putting down this affiliate program just to make sure you are not been selfish making the money alone, they try to bring forth an affiliate way so you can also share how you make money with your friends so you can all enjoy together. With this, you earn also
NOTE: it is not compulsory you refer anyone in this program, if you refer , you earn....if you don't refer anyone, you also earn but referral is an extra income to you. For those of you that don't like a program where is mandatory for referrals, it is not mandatory/compulsory here, it's just your wish if you like to share how you earn.

How Can I Register To Starting  Earning With This Program Also

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First of all, you have to get #1600 with you for one time payment (this #1600 is just a payment to know the serious minded because if it's free, everyone will want to join, those interested and those that are not and it might cause junk to the system) so once you have that with you, you can proceed with your registration

>>Click here to register
>>Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to where you can fill your details(Name, Username Email etc..) then fill it.

>>Once you get to where you make payment, make payment with VoguePay (MasterCard or Visa Card) so you can have quick activation of your account, there are only two options there, Direct bank  transfer and VoguePay, I would have recommended you to use the Direct bank transfer because some people don't use MasterCard or Visa, it's Verve but the direct transfer takes up to 24 hours to get your account activated so I prefer you get a MasterCard or Visa to make payment

>>Once you tick the payment option you want, then you tick a small box also saying "I agree" then click on "Proceed to make payment" below.

>>If you choose the MasterCard or Visa I said earlier, you will be redirected to where you write your email and password then you proceed to make payment

>>Enter you Card number (16 digits in front of your card), the expired month and year, CVV (Last 3 digit at the back of your card) and your card PIN, then proceed

>>After doing that, an OTP (One Time Password) Will be sent to your bank registered number, the write the code in the box provided and submit and wait to get your registration successful.

>>Once successful, confirm your account by filing the following box shown, your username and so on, it might ask for order number, if you don't know it, leave it, not compulsory, then click submit and wait for few minute to get your account full activated and start earning.

Register with the following link https://bit.ly/2Ksr4nj

What am I going to do once my registration is activated?

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>>Login to www.nnu.ng
>>Before sharing any post, set you payment option by click on >>"My Account" at the top of the site >>Profile >>Edit account then you see a box to fill your Facebook username link or URL, After filling the box, then "Save"  the go back to your account again and click Profile >> Payment setting and fill in your Bank name, Account name and Account NO then "Save"

>>Once you are done with that, you can now start sharing post on your Facebook timeline by clicking on "My Account" >>Sponsored Post>>Scroll down and click the link for the sponsored then you see the sponsored post to share on your timeline, but make sure you read the instructions given to you first before sharing the post so you won't make mistake.
That's all about that, start making your money daily.

Register with the following link https://bit.ly/2Ksr4nj

If I want to refer a friend, How can I get my referral link?
>>Go to www.nnu.ng
>>Click on "My Account"
>>Scroll down and click on "Marketing" then you click on "Affiliate/Referral Links" then you copy the link you see there, that is your referral link.
NOTE: Payment are been carried out 27th of every month and the minimum payout is #5000, so once you reach the minimum payout and you want to withdraw, you will see withdrawal option of you account, you have to do that before 25th of that month so you can be among the people that will get paid on the 27th of that month.

For any request or complaint, kindly make use of the COMMENT BOX, we will reply you as soon as we see your comment

May 28, 2018

Complete Guide on How To Record Online Videos With Movavi On Pc

Hello, guys and welcome to this detailed post on how to record online videos with Movavi Screen Recorder Software on your laptop/pc.

Before we proceed, what is Movavi? 

As stated on our previous post, Movavi is a nice and easy computer application/software that allows you to screen capture images, videos, record games while you play, and even record online videos from web pages like YouTube with ease.
Movavi Screen Recorder box

The need for such apps arises especially during tutorials. You as an instructor may want to show your online students examples from your computer screen. The best way to get this done is simply by downloading movavi onto your computer, set it up, and voila. It will record your computer screen as you progress exactly the way you want it. And stops when you want it to.

While as an individual, taking online courses on YouTube or other online platforms with no means of downloading the video for future access, you can simply record the video online while you watch, and movavi will have a copy neatly saved on your computer at the end. Isn’t that amazing? And that’s not all. You get to choose which section to record, pause, skip and edit accordingly with great quality.

How To Record Online Video With Movavi Screen Recorder

==>1. First, you have to download Movavi Screen Recorder for windows here or iOS here. After downloading it, run to install.
==>2. Next, open the webpage containing the video you wish to record and launch Movavi screen recorder.
movavi online video recording
==>3. Draw the capture frame over the video and adjust by hand according to the size of the web video window. After that, make sure that the System Audio icon is green. This will allow the app to capture the sound as well.
==>4. Finally, Click the REC button. Movavi will countdown to 3 and start recording the online video. The 3 seconds will give you enough time to hit Play on the streaming video player when the recording process starts. 
==>5. When done recording, click Stop. The video will be immediately saved to your hard drive in MKV format. 
==>6. You can then preview, trim, and export it to any other format like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, etc..

Other Uses Of Movavi Screen Recorder

Having emphasized on how to record online videos with Movavi Screen Recorder, here are a list of things you can do with the Movavi software on your pc.

==>1. Capture video from your computer screen
==>2. Grab sound from multiple sources
==>3. Save recordings without quality loss
==>4. Export videos in any popular format

Useful Tips

While recording with Movavi, you can set the capture timer and the program will stop grabbing the video at the designated time. This will give you flexibility and allow you attend to other things while still recording.

To do this, click the alarm clock icon and specify the exact time for the program to start recording your screen, as well as the required duration.

And that's it. If you have further questions about recording online videos with Movavi Screen Recorder, kindly table it to me using the comment box. I reply with the speed of light.

May 27, 2018

How To Remove Viruses And Malware On Your PC

Hello TechDavids readers, this article is in different section so you have to follow us strictly and this article is mainly for Widows user. PC is unpredictable , it might develop some funny faults which you think sometimes is above you but nevertheless, Man made things can not be above man, the solution will also be provided by man. That is why today we brought to you how can remove viruses or malware on your PC, As for me, once I notice that my PC is hanging, slowing unnecessarily or popping-up unusual command, now I know virus is knocking at the door so i have to scan and remove those viruses to bring my PC to better position.

I know some you might not know how to scan and removing viruses on your PC then you start spending money for Engineers on something that does not even affect it, that is why today I brought to you this topic so you can be able yo detect and fix viruses or malware in your PC. You would agree with me that there are viruses that come up on PC just to have your credentials then damage them like creating virus to cause crime on system by stealing like bank credentials, credit card, educational credentials and many more sensitive data. All this viruses has their way of tackling them so they won't harm your PC and also the credentials. We all know that their are some normal virus that you can just use a weak Anti-Virus with it and clear them but there are also viruses that need a strong and eligible Anti-Virus to carry out it's operation by scanning and clearing those viruses, your techniques is also required in this case just to make sure you don't do the wrong thing.

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You have to agree with me that once there is Anti-Virus on your PC and there is Virus in the PC, the Anti-Virus will pop-up a message telling you that "Virus Was Detected"
So if you notice something like that, this means you have a file that has been downloaded on  your PC which is dangerous to it so it will prompt you that virus was detected and it will be deleted, there are sometimes in which you will download a file and wouldn't see it on your device or PC again then you will start wondering and downloading it all over and all over again just to know what is happening, don't be worried about sometimes like that, since you have Anti-virus on your PC, you have to know that the Anti-Virus has detected it and has been deleted instantly before causing damage to the PC. In some cases, it might be a web-page you want to access and the site is full of Malware, with the help of Anti-Virus, you might not be able to access that web page completely.

Your fan also check the info about the Anti-Virus knowing how many viruses it detect and also check the quarantine (Virus detection logs) so you have the sound knowledge about the viruses that are about to come in or damage your PC. By so doing, you can proceed by scanning it, Scanning is very easy and don't harm
How You Can Scan Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Adware or any other Ware that can damage the PC and documents in it

Once you also notice that unnecessary Ads is just popping-up where it should not be, you have to know that virus is knocking the door so all these wares I made mentioned above are very dangerous and they all of then has there own base of spoiling things like the Spyware, it will track everything that you are doing or redirect your search and home pages to places you don’t want to go, Adware will infect your browser and even Windows then the ransomware will lock your PC completely. The solution to this depends on the problem but the first thing you have to do is to....

>>Download and run a scan with Malwarebytes, the single best anti-malware tool on the planet. This is not an ordinary antivirus product, it’s designed to solve modern threats. This Malwarebytes is only product on the market that can easily clean up crapware and spyware because this made mentioned ware are very dangerous unlike others.

>> Install and then run Malwarebytes

>>Start a scan of your PC. It’s going to walk you through cleaning up your system.

Now, it's left for you to purchase a license to clean up your PC though it's not compulsory but if you don’t want this to happen again, you may purchase it, once you use the license for clean up, it will make sure you don’t have this kind of issue anymore.
Now that we are done with those kinds of Malware is made mentioned of earlier, we can now ho to the regular virus that occur within the PC, How to scan those regular viruses

Before we proceed, if you want to check for Malware you find and remove them, you will need an antivirus program such as Windows 8, 10,  Windows Defender. I ought to include Windows 7 but since it doesn’t include any built-in antivirus, You can also choose Avira.

Out of all the Windows Anti-virus I made mentioned up there, the only non-intrusive is Windows Defender, but if you want to make you job perfect, you should make use if the Windows Defender and Malwarebytes so you have complete coverage

Now, steps to scan for regular viruses in Windows Defender

>>Open it and start a new scan.
Instantly, it goes through and fully scan on your system to see if there’s anything it missed. By default, Windows Defender runs in the background. Am very sure that once you use the combination of Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, it will get rid of the vast majority of malware that you might encounter. You can still leave the windows Defender and Malwarebytes running to keep your PC more protected.
Well, in some strong cases, the combination of Malwarebytes and windows defend might not be able to get rid of the Malware, so what are you going to do.
What do i do if the combination of both Malwarevytes and windows defender were not able to get rid of the Malware?
Make use of safe mode for those kind of Malware, This kind of Malware are refer to has Stubborn Malware
Once you notice you have a very stubborn malware infection, you will need to scan for malware from outside your normal Windows system.

To scan for malware outside windows system
>>Boot Windows into Safe Mode: This will keep it from loading normal start up apps including the stubborn malware.

>>Run a Windows Defender scan and then a Malwarebytes scan from within Safe Mode and it may have more luck removing the Malware.

How To Boot Safe Mode on Windows 8 and 10

>>Hold on to the Shift key while clicking the “Restart” option
>>Then navigate to Troubleshoot
>>Click on Advanced Options
>>Tap the Windows Start up Settings
>>Then Restart and go to Safe Mode.

If you are doing this  On Windows 7

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>>Press the F8 key while your computer is starting and you’ll see a boot options menu that allows you to select “Safe Mode". Choose it and that's all

You can also use a bootable Anti-Virus tools as a last resort, this is used if that above process doesn't work, you will need to step completely outside of Windows and use a bootable antivirus tool. This type of antivirus tool boots into a clean environment (entirely outside Windows) to find and remove stubborn malware you may not be able to see or remove from within Windows itself.

To do this, you can make use of the Windows Defender if you are using Windows 10, Other antivirus software can do this too, you can look for antivirus “boot discs” like the Avira Rescue System if you want to make use of the bootable Anti-virus tools for stubborn Malware.
There is also another option from Windows Defender. Once you already have an antivirus program installed, but you think you may have viruses it isn’t detecting, just use the second opinion from another antivirus product.

NOTE: Do not run two antivirus programs in tandem, since their real-time scanning can conflict with one another. But if you have one running real-time scanning all the time, you can use a second one to manual scan occasionally

For Windows 10 user,  it good to make use of Windows Defender because you can use it to scan virus manually and can scan on a. If the Antivirus does not complete it scanning or miss out a virus out, Windows Defender will do that.

This is the guide to enabling and using that option.
You have to note that a variety of other antivirus providers make one-time scanning tools available for instance, the ESET Online Scanner. It helps you to download your computer and do a quick scan without a long installation, once you notice that the scanner alerts you to a problem, you should set yourself to remove the malware so once you if the virus show up finally, You may want to uninstall it and install another antivirus product after the process is complete.

There are sometimes in which you will experience  Adware and some other Junk so before you experience this, you should install Malwarebytes before it's too late because they are very dangerous.
If you are operating on a computer, you should note that Antivirus is not only enough yo protect it, you have to get more inclusive anti-malware program because is not all file that on your PC the normal antivirus will detect it fix, there are some junk ware that is just program on your PC browser, search engine to fetch income to it's creator so for normal antivirus to fix it might be somehow terrible but once you are able to install anti-malware program on your PC, it will surely show so you will notice it once you are trying to download a program into your PC.

Sometimes the junk ware might have been on your system already when you haven't installed the anti-malware program and you want to remove them.
Like I said earlier, if you want to fix the junkware, you should get the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. As long as you occasionally use it to scan your system, you’ll be able to keep yourself free of obnoxious software that isn’t detected or removed by your average antivirus program. Since it includes anti-exploit protection, it will keep your PC safe.

Let's move to how you can wipe your computer and also verify your backups

There are sometimes that nothing can remove the viruses properly so you know it will damage your system or some malware which can make your Windows still not  working properly even after removing the viruses. It's better you should go for the “nuclear option”: reverting your computer to its factory state, that is resetting your system to factory reset default. Once you are doing the factory reset, your personal files might be kept but its certain that your installed programs will be removed and your PC settings will go to factory default reset.

It might not be easy for beginners to factory reset the PC if it's not Windows 8 and 10 because windows 8 and 10 s is much easier, the only thing you have to do is to go to your PC settings and click on “Reset This PC” feature to reset Windows to its factory default settings.
But for Windows 7 PC, your manufacturer probably provides a restore partition you can access by pressing a certain key during the boot process. Consult your computer’s manual for the exact key you need to press for this.

After doing all this, you can also reinstall Windows on your computer by downloading Windows installation media for your computer from Microsoft.
My advice to you before i conclude is that If you had ever encounter  battle with malware once, try to do everything you can do make this the last time. You should make sure you always do these things listed below on your PC..

1. Install a good antivirus program
2. Keep your computer updated
3. Avoid running potentially dangerous software.

NOTE: Make sure you have a backup of any important files before wiping your hard drive and reinstalling Windows!
For any request or complaint, kindly make use of the COMMENT BOX, We are here to solve your complain anytime, anyday.. Don't be selfish, try to share this post to you friends and relatives.

May 16, 2018

How To Upgrade Ubuntu To The Latest Version Easily

I know some of us know about Ubuntu while some did not, so what is Ubuntu itself?
Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your Internet connected things. It is distributed by Linux and offered in three official edition such as; Ubuntu Desktop (Used for personal computers), Ubuntu Server (Used for servers and the cloud) and Ubuntu Core (Used for Internet things). You have to put it in mind that Ubuntu is also an operating system just like windows and linux. To upgrade ubuntu OS (Operating System) is very easy because you don need to reinstall another OS , only what can happen at this stage is when you are running an LTS version in which you will be only allowed to offers a new LTS version, you can set it as default settings and you can also change it, is left for you at this point.

When upgrading your PC Operating System, you have to be very conscious of you personal files, data or information because it can get lost when you continue upgrading your OS without backing it up so i recommend you to back up your files when  upgrading your OS.
Right now, the latest version of Ubuntu is 18.04LTS version so try as much as possible to always upgrade your Ubuntu or any OS you are using so you can have access to new features, for Ubuntu,  anytime the latest version is out, it will be instantly available for upgrade. You can now upgrade your Ubuntu older version to the newest which is 18.04LTS

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The tricky part of Ubuntu is that once you want to upgrade your OS, you can only upgrade from the older version to the next latest version, for example if you are on Ubuntu 17.04 and you want to upgrade to the newest version which is 18.04 LTS (Long Term Service), you will first if all upgrade you Ubuntu 17.04 to the next latest which is 17.10, after you have upgraded to that, upgrade that 17.10 again until you reach the newest which is 18.04LTS, I hope you are getting me right?

In most cases, if you want to upgrade from one LTS release to another released LTS is allowed but the issue here is that they are delayed to give the new LTS release some time to stabilize. For instance, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was released on April 26, 2018, so right now you won’t be able to upgrade directly from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS until the release of Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, which is expected on July 26, 2018. Today I will be showing you two methods to use for choosing and upgrading your Ubuntu which is Graphical and Terminal method

For Graphical Method:  When upgrading Ubuntu, you can as well upgrade your OS using graphical tools that was built into the standard Ubuntu desktop by making use of some commands and you have to know the command you are using which is suitable for what you want to do. Now, How can you choose which version of Ubuntu you upgrade to
On a normal level, the standard releases of Ubuntu offer to upgrade you to new standard releases but for LTS (Long Term Service), Ubuntu offer to upgrade you only to new LTS releases, that's just the ish concerning LTS. For instance, if you installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you won’t be offered an upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10 when it’s released, only what you can enjoy is that you will just be offered an upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS when it's available and it can be changed if you want to.

To find or choose this option
>>Click on “Activities” button (in GNOME Shell) but if you are in unity, tap the "Ubuntu logo" button at the top left corner of your screen.

>>Search for “Update”

>>Click on “Software & Updates” shortcut.
You can also use another method to open this window by opening the "Software Updater application" and click “Settings”

>>Click the “Updates” tab.

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>>At the right hand side, you will find a menu which writes“Notify me of a new Ubuntu version" the Click the box

 >>Select either “For any new version” or “For long-term support versions,” depending on which type of update you want.

>>Once you are done, Click “Close".

Now let's head to upgrading of Ubuntu using the Graphical method
If any latest Ubuntu update is available, the Standard Software Updater tool may inform you about the new release, it depends on how you set your Standard Software Updater but if the software updater doesn't alert you, you can as well check manually.

How to Upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu
>>Press Alt+F2

>>A dialogue box will appear then  type the following command below and click "Enter"

update-manager -c

>>Once you click on enter, the software updater tool ought to alert you telling you that the latest version of Ubuntu is available, so once it informs you that there is an update, Just click on "Upgrade" then the upgrading start in few seconds.

But if you didn't get a message from the software updater tool telling you the newest version of Ubuntu is available, the do this below

>>Press Alt+F2

>>A dialogue box will appear then type the following command, and click on "enter


>>A message will pop up telling you a new version of Ubuntu is available, then Tap “Yes, Upgrade Now”

That's all about the Graphical method, the next method to look into now is the Terminal method.

For Terminal Method: Now that we are done with the Graphical method, the terminal method is also used for upgrading your Ubuntu using a terminal command, if you are making use of this terminal method then you will be making use of terminal commands which  is useful on server system and also other parts of Ubuntu
Before you start any upgrade, you have to make sure that the update-manager-core package is installed, if you want to know if it's installed, just type this following command and click enter, type without quote

"sudo apt install update-manager-core". 

If you didn't type that command to ensure that the package is installed on your system, the command you want to use in upgrading might not work. Before we proceed on how to upgrade your  Ubuntu using terminal method, let's take a look at how to choose which version to upgrade to first.

How You Can Choose Which Version You Upgrade To
Unlike the previous method (Graphical method) which says  standard releases of Ubuntu offer to upgrade you to new standard releases but for LTS (Long Term Service), Ubuntu offer to upgrade you only to new LTS releases, that's just the ish concerning LTS. For instance, if you installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you won’t be offered an upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10 when it’s released, only what you can enjoy is that you will just be offered an upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS when it's available and it can be changed if you want to.

It's now possible to change this from the terminal method by running the following command  to open the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file in the nano text editor with root permissions. It's not only nano you can use as text editor, there are many more of it which you can search on Google but I just feel like using the nano here, this is the command below

sudo nano /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades

Edit the “Prompt=” line in the file to say either ” Prompt=normal ” or ” Prompt=lts ” depending on whether you want to be prompted to upgrade to normal releases or only LTS releases.

After you are done, Save the file and close your text editor. If you are making use of the nano ,you can easy save it by pressing Ctrl+O and then Enter to save the file, to close, you press Ctrl+x

Now that you are done choosing which version to upgrade to, let's head to upgrading of Ubuntu using the terminal tool

How to Upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu using the terminal tool

>>You should first of all check the available upgrade by running the following command below

do-release-upgrade -c

>>Once you have entered this command, this will ensure you to get the available updates which your system can further to then you will be informed which version you can proceed to. Like the previous command I showed you /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file, it's controlled by what you have in your system
Now, you can proceed to the upgrading by run the following command

>>Type the command without quote "sudo do-release-upgrade" and click enter

>>The upgrading process starts, once done, you will have to type “y” and press Enter to confirm your upgrade

NOTE: There is a do-release-upgrade -d command that will upgrade you to the current unstable development branch of Ubuntu because the do-release-upgrade terminal command works similarly to the graphical upgrade tool. You can’t use it to upgrade directly from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you have to wait for the Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS to be released before proceed to the other version. As for me, I don't recommended this for production systems because development versions of Ubuntu are unstable and they re only used for testing

To round up our topic, You can as well reinstall Ubuntu
For instance, if you are running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and want to upgrade before July 26—you can download the latest version of Ubuntu from the website and make a bootable USB drive or burn a disc then reinstall Ubuntu on your system.
During this process of reinstalling your Ubuntu, it's likely for you to loose all your applications during this process though you might find your personal files intact, it's 50-50 but your applications are likely to get lost. When trying the reinstall of a thing, you should try as much as possible to provide some backups, this will be very easy for you to regain your files or applications even if you accidentally misplace them. REMEMBER: if you still need your files, Don't try reinstalling your Ubuntu without backing them up

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May 9, 2018

Strong & Best Way To Secure Your Twitter Account

Let's have the initiative that is not only our bank account or any account that involves money need security, our social medias like facebook, twitter, likedin need more security because our personal biodata is included there and if it's been stolen or hacked, the person using it at that moment might use it to implicate you(The original owner) like using it as fraud, to scam other people, by so doing, the original owner of that account life is at risk. So any of your belongings that involves entering of PIN/Password need full security even if it does not require PIN, as far as it's yours, it need security.

Recently twitter updated by announcing to the public about this password issue. Read the following twitter update "We have stored everyone's passwords and pin in a plain text on our server and we are probably going to ensure that each twitter user has a file with everyone's password at a certain point, so your password must be changed and enable two-factor authentication that will prevent your account been logged in by anybody. So if you notice that your twitter account or password is been stolen, start printing off our passwords and mailing everyone at random"

There are different thing that can happen to you account like some days ago when I came across some tweets which happen to be the same, the tweet was about something they will never do though it's a crude tweet with a link, immediately, I saw this, I look into their profiles one by one and I noticed that they have been experiencing some certain thing for some days which is somehow bad. As for me, I don't want to keep quiet, I sent a direct messages to some of them to take thing easy and ammend that their situations

Today, we will be focusing on twitter by talking about making sure that your twitter account is fully secured. Though we might be taking it from twitter app but don't worry, you will understand because we will also convert most for the twitter web page. You have to follow this steps steadily so you won't miss out anything.

First off all, we have to start by letting you know how to start in your Twitter account setting though we have different section in the setting page but let go straight to our focus area today.

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To be frank with you, creating of password is not the thing that makes your account secured, you might have heard that if you want strong an secured account, you should make sure that the account has password, No, it not all about that, your password can be suggested by anyone especially if the person is closer to you like knowing your favorite colors, nickname, best food or birthday date. So you still need some advance level you have to take the security of your accounts too especially social medias. If you know you want to make use of password try as much as possible to find and use a tough name which might be somehow hard for you to remember talkless of your best friend. We all know that once a password is secured, it will be hard to remember easily so if you are the type that want to use a very strong/hard password and you think your brain might not carry the password easily all the time, you can make use of a password generator like LassPass for easily recovery, like me, this is what is use because I like any of my account (Bank, Online shopping, Social medias) password to be very hard to even remember so I can have almost full secured account. If you use this LastPass, you only need to remember like few digits out of your password so LassPass will generate the rest password digit for you.
Now if you want to go about securing your password on twitter, follow these steps below

>>Go to Account Settings page
>>then click on Password. Before you can be able to input the new password, you have to input the old one first. If you want to make use of LassPass or any kind of password generator, just let's it generate the password itself and when you are done, click SAVE.
Once you have done that, you now have strong password but you haven't gotten a secured twitter account.. Below is the next step to take also after choosing a strong password

It good to also set up two-factor authentication, it's known as login verification on twitter. It's very important to set up the two-factor authentication which you can get the code for login through SMS or third party 2FA service so once you set up this authentication. if you want to login, a code will be sent as SMS on your phone number you used for setting up the two-factor authentication so you input the code in the box provided for successful login.
Once you set up this 2FA service, Just note that anytime you want to login to your twitter, it will always ask for a code which was sent to your registered phone number to enable you to login to your account.
Now let me show you how to set up this 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication) service for some people that do not know.

>>Go to your "Twitter preferences", then it takes you to your “Account” section.

>>Go to “Security” then Click on the “Set Up Login Verification” button.

>>Thick the box that shows then a dialogue box will pop up that will allow you to set it up

>>Then Click on " Start" and input your password.

>>You will be redirected to the next page which will ask you to verify your phone number, then you click on "Send Code" but you have to make sure that the phone number you input is correct and valid. After you are done, wait for some couple of minute to get the code sent to that your phone number, so once you receive the code, input it in the box provided and click "CONFIRM"
After clicking on confirm, you are good to go, you have now enabled a login verification and it also offers a backup codes, if you like you can do the backup instantly and if you like, you can do it later. If you want to do the backup, just follow this step below...

>>Go to Settings
>>Click on Security and Privacy
>>Once you have successfully login, a new option will also show up, the Generate app password.

NOTE: This will only create a temporary password that can be used to access your twitter app once you use a new device and  it only last for 1 hour.  Once you have done that, just scroll down and click "save changes" to perfect your work.

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You might be thinking that we have talked about two-factor authentication (2FA) before so while are we now repeating it again, this is a different one though it require code to login as well but has some little changes and it also enhance strong security than that of the previous one, you have to know that the previous one is talking about SMS code but this one is an app code which has full security because your phone might get lost which happen to be that your SIM Card get lost as well but this app authentication support a third party verification like an app called AUTHY.  I love to use Authy as my app-based 2FA because it track record unlike the SMS verification which can not.  Let me now show you how to set up the app-based 2FA

>>Start by going to the Twitter "Settings"

>>Click on “Account” section so it shows you something like this “Review your login verification methods.”

>>Click the button again then a page will show pop up and show you your login verification methods.

>>Just click the “Set Up” link next to “Mobile security app” and the process will begin.

>>Click “Start” then you will be given a QR code to scan with the mobile 2FA application on your choice. For some people that do not know how to scan a QR code here, it very easy, in the Authy app, just  tap the "menu" followed by “Add New Account,” then following the instructions and "scan the code", that's all.

NOTE: You have to prevent yourself from SMS security shortcomings by disabling text message verification after setting this up

The section is also essential, it's part of the login request also, it prevent wrong user from hijacking your account. If you want to set up this part of security also, you can find it in that login request section in which you only thick the box shown beside it but before you can completely set it up, Twitter will require personal information from you before allowing the password to be reset.

The only thing after that your information is just to thick that little box and click on“Save changes” button beneath the page.

Some of you might not understand what am trying to say but once I proceed, I know you will surely understand, this means you can use Twitter to login into other applications, I love this also because it simple and you can easily gain access to some certain services quickly or those that will post Tweets to your account. The reason why I said "keep an eye on connected app" is that there might be certain time you will stop using some of the apps that grant you access to your twitter so once you know that you won't be making use of that exact app that grant you access to your twitter account, just revoke it access on twitter, that's all.
If you want to revoke an app on twitter service, just do this...

>>Go to "Account Settings"
>>Click the “Apps"

>>Try to go through the list and see if you can find something obsolete. If you can find, Just click the “Revoke access” button but if you mistakenly revoke an app you still make use of, don't panic, just "Undo Revoke Access"

You can Repeat this process for as many apps you don’t use. You can also try to come checking this section sometimes just to make sure you don't find anything contrary here.
If you want to do this, try as much as possible to follow the steps well so you can have a successful strong twitter account security.

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May 4, 2018

List Of Best Keyboards That Makes Your Typing Easy

Mere looking at this mechanical keyboard, it has great advantage that some normal keyboard doesn't have like a long, satisfying key travel, thanks to individually-manufactured switch mechanisms for this great pick. You might want to change your previous keyboard to a better one so you can have easy typing but you don't know how to go about it. That is why today, i will be showing you some fantastic keyboard that makes your work look professional.

If you are a serious typist, gamer or you make use of your Computer often, I will recommend this mechanical keyboard for you because it's enjoyable and comfortable. Even if you handle this mechanical keyboard and compare it with the normal keyboard you usually use and mostly common, you will notice certain changes that you didn't expect and that will make you fall in love more with it. For those that really love something customised, this mechanical keyboard is meant for you and you can get it at an affordable price. We have picked out the best for you which are.,the best compact travel board, the best wireless and cheap options, and the best for customisation lovers, you can get a customised keys and switches

Below are the list of the best mechanical keyboard that you are waiting for, beneath every keyboard list you can find where to order yours and get it at your doorstep in few hours You can check out the keyboard below that suit you and your budget then read more on them to get full knowledge on how they operate.


>>Cooler Master MasterKeys

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Download Links

This keyboard is the best all-round board and you can get it as low as $119, some of us are familiar with Cooler Master which is best known for PC cases, fans, CPU and coolers, but now...they have make an advancement on making some fantastic general mechanical keyboards

The Coooler Master named their own mechanical keyboard as "MasterKeys" which has different features, you can make use of this anywhere in your environment. Unlike some alternatives, like I said earlier that masterkey has different features such as Cherry MX switches, this Cherry MX switches indicate different sign functions in different field, like the red which is for the for gamers, the brown for typists while blue for loud typists.

The masterkey has different sizes and different models to suit your budget in which you can choose your own choice but we will be taking a look at one of it which is probably the best model.

The TOP-OF-LINE $150 MK750 model: This features an aluminum case and a Type-C USB connection, If you take your time to look into this keyboard, you will notice that there is no much different between this and Masterkey S, the masterkey S is also programmable with macros and custom functions like the $150 MK750 model with the help of the desktop software. The Masterkeys line don't really give stress like adding useless addtons unlike the other mechanical keyboard that dominate other major retail brands. On a normal ground, this Masterkey line does a great job because no matter which model you use , it gives a solid typing and awesome gaming.

Since when there is a complain about the printed key legends that says it can move always easily with intense use, each of the keys in this section now uses a standardize layout. The meaning of those positions of the switches and the corresponding keycaps is that you can replace them for a custom set if they are looking old or faded. This might not be a though concern because the switches in mechanical keyboard are given kudos to so there is a great chance that the keyboard keycaps might outline itself. Click here to order your own Cooler Master MasterKeys

>>Vortex Pok3r

This keyboard is the best compact board and you can get this keyboard as low as $130. This keyboard as genuine key function, it display an awesome design, its function row, number pad and it arrow keys also look gorgeous. if you make a thorough research, you will find out that the Vortex Poker series is one of the most common 50% - 70% models because for a keyboard to range this percentage, it must have a unique features and compared to others in different ways.

Because the programming option of this keyboard is genuine likewise its layout and switches, people who travel a lot and want their keyboard with them make use of this often, though if you take a look at some keyboards, you will find some related to it but you can not easily find a keyboard exactly like it because it genuine and also easier to use. You can shift/adjust the dip switches below the aluminum case easily. for instance, switching to a DVORAK layout or setting function key with Caps lock.

Concerning its colour, it has a black and a white which matches your setup. It has the RED, GREEN and BLUE (RGB) lights, if you know you are not satisfied with the colour, You can as well customize your own colour on this keyboard with the help of WASD keyboard. On a normal ground, some really go for the cheaper ABS plastic keycaps instead of the thicker PBT. We all saying the Pok3r is nice and good but do you know that the form factor can be activated yourself? Yes it can because it uses function modifiers for so many keys, including the arrows. In conclusion to this part, if you take a look at the other model of this keyboard which us Vortex Race 3 model, you will also see that it include the arrow keys and function keys but the only ish here is that its slightly bigger. Click here to order your own Vortex Pok3r

>> Corsair K63 Wireless

This keyboard is the best wireless mechanical board and you can get this as low as $100, to be frank, out of 100% typist and keyboard users, 95% love wireless mechanical keyboard, if you come asking me for the best wireless keyboard to use, I will redirect you to Corsair K63 because it's the best and its model is from a popular and reliable brand.

The keyboard has a 3 strong features which are....

1. Bluetooth 4.2 connection for the mobile typists.

2. Speedy 2.4GHz wireless dongle: if you don't want anything lie pairing, this is for you.

3. Strong backup USB connection: this helps when the battery is low.

Mere looking at these 3 strong features, you will see that is really good for gamers, for gamers, If you want to play a game and pair with other , the Corsair sells a special “lap desk” accessory for pairing and you only make use of your mouse but the switch choice is only Cherry MX Red. If you only base on typing, as long as you don't demand a clicky touch to your keys, it will really work well for you and it can be seen on the two switches which are blue and brown. Assuming the beneath row was a standard one, it will be so easy and nice to customize your keycaps. The option of the this keyboard (Corsair K63) only comes with a blue lighting but as some backlighting that uses standard switches and no full-sized version. This keyboard is rechargeable since it wireless and it take up to a week before you recharge

This Coarsair K63 might be somehow confusing when trying to purchase it because it has a wired and wireless model, so if you want to purchased it, look through it well and go for the wireless so you can enjoy the features above. Click here to order for you own wireless Corsair K63

>>Qisan Magicforce

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This keyboard the best budget mechanical board that suit people that can't afford the other ones and you can get this as low as $40. This Qisan Magicforce is better for beginners who just want to start using mechanical keyboard because it does not consume much money. Unlike the Pok3r which is $130, this magicforce is very low as $40 and has a compatible layout which as arrow keys.

It's board doesn't come with any lighting and programming but come with switches known as the Cherry clones, it offers a blue and brown varieties and it case uses aluminum plate. It has USB cable which is detachable with a compatible and standard keycaps, all these makes the design look more attractive. Click here to order for your own Qisan Magicforce.

>>Glorious GMMK

This Glorious GMMK keyboard is the best Enthusiast Starter mechanical board and you can get this as low as $125. You won't believe what this keyboard can offer, it comes with a cherry-style switches which can also be replaced due to it design and it also make your keyboard get customized. This glorious keyboard of a thing goes viral. Due to my observation, their is a glorious modular that support this Glorious GMMK itself so everything done on it can be perfect. This comes with a WASD keys, There are some cases whereby you might want to mix and match the switches along with the board, you can do that normally but your WASD keys and Cap Lock get rigid, by so doing, the corresponding switches can be swap/replaced easily. The shocking part about this keyboard is that if you swap out anything there, it doesn't really matter for you soldering that particular place unlike some keyboards. For gamers, the glorious PC has its own official website where buyer can choose different Gateron and Kailh switch types, full size or compact keyless layout, and pre-assembled boards with lower amount.

The bet option for this keyboard to be more enjoyable is to get a switches that is compatible with SMD LEDs because its board is not really powerful The SMD LEDS is just tiny lights pre-installed on the circuit board. It board comes with a RED, GREEN and BLUE (RGB) lighting. Set of people who will enjoy this keyboard the most are people who check out the wide variety of typing experiences offered in the mechanical niche, they will enjoy this kind of mechanical keyboard to the fullest. Click here to order for your own Glorious GMMK

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Apr 28, 2018

How To Upgrade or Replace Any Compnent On Your Computer

It's a normal thing for you upgrading or replacing your PC component, First of all.. What are the component on PC? You can find this as part of a computer such as RAM, Hard Drive, Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, Wireless Card e.t.c. though upgrading and replacing PC components can be a little tricky, but it’s something anyone can learn to do. We have to take a look at how to choose and install those upgrades.

I want to assure you that once you upgrade or replace any faulty or weak component in your computer, you will love it more than the previous look. Before i proceed, i will show you some necessary equipment you need to carry out this operation so you won't loose any step am about to show you.
This post is strictly for people that want to change/replace some components on the system/PC to improve more on it's work

Below are the equipments and it's function you have to consider before proceeding on replacing or upgrading your PC

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>>PHILLIPS-HEAD SCREWDRIVER: For loosing any modern desktop computer hardware

>>HEXDRIVERS AND SET OF SPUNDERS: This is mostly used on laptops for removing any components in it.

>>THUMBSCREWS AND PLASTIC TAB: For loosing just the modern desktop casing. Note that it's better for you to have different sizes of screwdrivers so upgrading or replacing any component on your PC can be made easier.
NOTE: if you want to start loosing any component in your PC, try as much as possible to look for a cool dry place and make sure you have a cup or bowl beside you to put your loosened screws to avoid your screws rolled around and still straight. If you are opening your CPU, try as much as possible to have a brush or what you can use to blow air inside of it to clear the dust inside after opening it, sometimes you can make use of dry cloth to clean it because it's very sure that it will be dusty. By so doing, it will make your work look neat and professional though if this is your first time of doing this, no one can know once you consider these things. And also, always make sure your phone is with you once you are performing this operation so you can make use of your camera to snap any component you loose or any cable you unplug for easy access to tighten back the screws and also plug the cables back once you are done.

Now, let's go straight to the point by talking first on how to upgrade or replace your PC RAM

Upgrading Or Replacing Your PC RAM

Replacing of RAM is quiet easy and the most essential thing to do on PC but need some logic to use if you want your PC to run smoothly after replacing or upgrading it, you have to know the quantity of memory that will fit in with the RAM you want to replace because once you don't consider that, your PC might start  bringing up an annoying issues like hanging, booting slowly and so on but once you calculate the memory that will fit in with the RAM you want to replace it with, am very sure you won't have any issue. Just start flexing with your PC. To replace your PC RAM >>Loose your PC casings >>Locate the RAM area and then replace it to whatever quantity of RAM space you want. Just make sure you consider the memory that can fit in with it for future purpose.

Upgrading and Replacing a New Graphics Card

Well, mostly people that love replacing their graphics card are the game lover so it can give them a sound and effective graphics once they are playing any game, Replacing of the graphics card is very simple but the though thing here is to get the right one based on it's cost, capability and also size... If you are able to get the right one having those three features, you can't have any problem with graphics while playing any game on your PC. To replace your Graphics Card >> You have to choose the right graphics card >>then insert it where you remove the previous card and then secure it, that's all

Upgrading Or Replacing Your PC’s Wireless Card

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USB adapter is quiet necessary here because once your Wi-Fi is misbehaving, you have to change the PC Wireless card and because you will need your Wi-Fi to be capable all the time, that is why the need of USB Adapter is essential. You can also make use of this two thing... A bigger Antennae that can be moved anywhere or Expansion Card, This one is mostly good on desktop but if it's Laptop, it uses a semi-standardized wireless cards but I will advise you to make use of USB adapter also. To Replace your Wireless Card >>Firstly, make use of the USB adapter >> then plug it in and that's all... Pretty simple

Upgrading and Installing a More Spaced Hard Drive or SSD in Your PC

You must be watchful once you are managing Hard Drive or a Solid State Drive(SSD). On the off chance that you are to redesign your hard drive or move to a greater one, this will make your PC all the more speedier and have enough memory. Your PC will begin speedier, stack applications and expansive records quicker, and diminish stack times in many recreations. It's extremely a standout amongst other updates you can make. To Replace your Hard Drive >> most importantly unmount the old hard drive >>Then supplant it with the better one with you. It's not so hard like that but rather may look hard if this is your first time of attempting it.

Upgrading and Installing a Higher Power Supply Unit.

It's great on the off chance that you can redesign your energy supply, you should need to update it in light of the fact that your energy supply has fizzled or you simply require more power. Observe that your energy supply is associated with all part in your PC. The motivation behind why a great many people update their energy supply is a direct result of their graphics card, on the off chance that you are utilizing a graphics card that is all the more capable then you will be required to get an all the more intense unit of energy supply.
On an ordinary level, you may need to remove different parts before you can get the massive power supply out of the case. Your PC's energy supply is specifically associated with the motherboard, the CPU, graphics card, and the cooling fans. To replace your power supply >>Before you can supplant your power supply, you need to unplug the power links to all segments.

 Upgrading and Replacing  A New PC Case

It's good to change your PC case to a new one so you can give your PC a new look but before you can do that, you have to disassemble your PC and then rebuilding it in its new home.
Everything you are to do here is just based on hardware unless you’re also replacing other components at the same time, that's when you can go into software. To replace your PC case >> it's not that hard if you want to replace your PC case though you will have to disassemble all the component first, it can only look hard somehow if it your first time

Upgrading and Installing a New Motherboard or CPU

To upgrade a CPU or motherboard is a very though thing to handle because you will have to unplug almost all the component in your PC but if you have the knowledge before, it will look easier for you. Upgrading to a faster CPU  often has to do with swapping out the motherboard, in some cases, the RAM might be included... It depend on how you want your upgrade to be.
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